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Census and Excise
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Blades +2
Camonna Tong -1
Ashlanders -3

The Census and Excise is an establishment operated by the Empire in an attempt to manage census counting for tax/excise purposes. Imperial taxes are based on head counts of citizens; Census and Excise is responsible for both head counts and tax assessment and collection. Census and Excise officers also administer many Imperial licenses, e.g. importation, mercenary company incorporation.

They are typically found in ports across Tamriel, such as Seyda Neen in Vvardenfell.

Joining the Census and ExciseEdit

This guild is not joinable and has very little representation: an office in Seyda Neen and a Taxman in St. Olms Canton in Vivec.

Census and Excise RanksEdit

Rank Required Attributes Required Skills
0. Novice Intelligence 30 Personality 30
1. Apprentice Intelligence 40 Personality 30 One skill at 20 and two at 20
2. Clerk Intelligence 45 Personality 35 One skill at 40 and two at 20
3. Taxman Intelligence 50 Personality 40 One skill at 50 and two at 30
4. Taxtaker Intelligence 55 Personality 45 One skill at 60 and two at 35
5. Operative Intelligence 60 Personality 50 One skill at 70 and two at 40
6. Agent Intelligence 65 Personality 55 One skill at 80 and two at 45
7. Excise Officer Intelligence 70 Personality 60 One skill at 90 and two at 50
8. Inspector Intelligence 75 Personality 65 One skill at 100 and two at 55
9. Grand Inspector Intelligence 80 Personality 70 One skill at 110 and two at 60

Census and Excise MembersEdit