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Faral Retheran (faral retheran)
Home City Vivec, Redoran Canton
Location Redoran Treasury (See map)
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 18 Class Agent
Training Short Blade (70)
Light Armor (66)
Sneak (60)
Other Information
Health 123 Magicka 118
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Redoran House Cousin(House Cousin)
Faral Retheran

Faral Retheran is a Dark Elf agent in the Redoran Treasury, located in the southwestern corner of the Redoran plaza in Vivec. She is a House Cousin in House Redoran.

She is a major trainer in Short Blade, and a medium trainer in Light Armor and Sneak.

She wears a chitin cuirass, gauntlets and boots, an extravagant shirt with matching pants, and an amulet of mighty blows. She carries a cruel vipersword and twenty cruel sparkstars. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

House RedoranEdit


  • Greetings:
    • "I am Faral Retheran. The House Redoran steward here in Vivec."
    • "What can I do for you, %PCName? Are you interested in duties for House Redoran? I may have a few."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Meril Hlaano's SlandersEdit

Speak with Feral Retheran to receive your first duty from her:

  • duties
    • "The son of a Hlaalu noble has slandered House Redoran. Find Meril Hlaano in Balmora and demand that he withdraw the slander."
    • slander
      • "You can find Meril Hlaano at the Eight Plates in Balmora. Speak with him and make him withdraw the slander."

Return to her after you have dealt with Hlaano's slanders to finish the quest:

  • "Have you convinced Meril Hlaano to stop his slanders against our House?"
  • slander
    • [If Meril Hlaano is still alive. Disposition +15. 1 Holy Shield has been added to your inventory.] "Meril Hlaano has withdrawn his slanderous statements against our House. Please accept this shield as a reward."
    • [Else. Disposition -15.] "By killing Meril Hlaano, you have certainly prevented him from continuing his slanders, but this action has cost House Redoran much honor. But I must not blame you as you are an outlander and you cannot understand such things."

If you mention the topic again after this quest has been finished, Feral says:

  • slander
    • "The matter is closed."

Redas TombEdit

The second duty that Feral Retheran may offer to you involves some dungeon delving:

  • duties
    • "The last of the Redas family line has bequeathed the family's belongings to House Redoran. I need someone to recover the family treasures from the Redas Tomb."
    • Redas Tomb

Return to Faral after you have gathered the three items from the tomb in order to finish the quest:

  • "Do you have the treasures of the Redas Tomb?"
  • Redas Tomb
    • "Yes, %PCName. You have all three of the treasures. Will you give them to me now?"
    • Yes, here they are.
      • [Disposition +10. The Redas War Axe, Redas Chalice and Redas Robe of Deeds have been removed from your inventory.] "Good. You are doing well. Speak to me again when you want more duties."
    • No.
      • [Disposition -10.] "That is very disappointing, %PCName."

Mentioning the topic again after you have completed this quests usually elicits the following response:

  • Redas Tomb
    • "You have already returned the treasures."

However, once you have become the new Archmaster of House Redoran, Faral will actually offer to give the items to you, as she now views you worthy of keeping these treasures:

  • Redas Tomb
    • "Do you want the family treasures, %PCRank?"
    • Yes
      • [The Redas War Axe, Redas Chalice and Redas Robe of Deeds have been added to your inventory.] "Here. Take them, %PCRank. You have certainly earned the right to keep them."
    • No
      • "Then I shall keep them safe."

Bringing up the topic again after you have asked Faral Retheran to give the treasures back to you yields the following response:

  • Redas Tomb
    • "May Vivec guide your hand when you use the Redas treasures."

Duel of HonorEdit

As soon as you have retreived the treasures from the Redas Tomb for Faral Retheran, you may receive your third duty from her:

  • duties
    • "Rothis Nethan failed to appear for a duel of honor with Brethas Deras, a Hlaalu noble. This has shamed House Redoran. Track down the craven Rothis Nethan here in the Redoran Canton and persuade him to attend the duel."
    • duel
      • "I believe Rothis Nethan is hiding out at the Flowers of Gold Cornerclub in the Redoran Waistworks here in Vivec. Go talk to him, and make him realize how this has cost the honor of House Redoran."

Note, however, that Faral won't give you this quest if you kill either of the two participants beforehand. In that case, she simply states that the duel cannot take place instead of giving you her usual dialogue:

  • duel
    • [If Brethas Deras is dead and Rothis Nethan is alive.] "Well, if Brethas Deras is already dead, the duel cannot take place."
    • [If Rothis Nethan is dead.] "Well, if Rothis Nethan is already dead, the duel cannot take place."

You also cannot receive or continue with this quest if you were expelled from House Redoran:

  • duel
    • "I heard you were expelled, %PCName. You must make amends."

Under normal circumstances, you may return to Faral Retheran after you have persuaded Rothis Nethan to partake in the duel to receive the following response from her:

  • "Did you convince Rothis Nethan to appear for the duel?"
  • duel
    • "So you were able to convince Rothis Nethan at last. I hope he will appear for the duel this time. Meet him in the arena and watch the outcome of this duel."

In order to finish the quest, you need to return to Faral after witnessing the duel in the Arena. Regardless of who wins, Faral will be satisfied to know that Rothis did appear for the duel this time around:

  • duel
    • [Disposition +10.] "The duel is over and House Redoran's honor is saved."

If you mention the topic again after you have successfully completed this quest, Faral reacts as follows:

  • duel
    • "I hope you will never shame House Redoran by failing to appear for a duel."