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Reynel Uvirith (reynel uvirith)
House Tel Uvirith
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 16 Class Mage
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 152
Alarm 80 Fight 90
Faction(s) House Telvanni Wizard(Wizard)
Reynel Uvirith

Reynel Uvirith is a Dark Elf mage and Wizard of House Telvanni who will take up residence at Tel Uvirith after you have built your stronghold for either House Hlaalu or House Redoran (she will not appear if you belong to House Telvanni). In either case, you will be instructed to kill her.

She wears an extravagant robe with extravagant shoes, a ring of ice bolts, a ring of fireballs, and an amulet of balyna's antidote, and carries a dire viperblade.

In addition to her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows a wide variety of spells: Rapid Regenerate, Poet's Whim, Vivec's Mercy, Powerwell, Feet of Notorgo, Blood Gift, Blood Despair, Absorb Willpower, Absorb Speed, Absorb Intelligence, Weak Spelldrinker, Reflect, Dire Noise, Medusa's Gaze, Wizard Rend, Dire Weakness to Shock, Dire Weakness to Poison, Dire Weakness to Magicka, Dire Weakness to Frost, Dire Weakness to Fire, Deadly Poison, Sleep, Levitate, Great Levitate, Fire Shield, Great Feather, Cruel Weary and Burden of Sin.

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