Lore:Fort Sungard

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Fort Sungard
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Reach
Appears in Arena, Skyrim
Fort Sungard circa 4E 201

Fort Sungard (or simply called Sungard)[1] is a fortified settlement located in the southern canyon of the region known as the Reach, situated in the province of Skyrim. Fort Sungard is a historical bulwark that is a key-strategic point in southern Skyrim, for the likes of Markarth in the northwest, and the rest of southern Skyrim. Also, Sungard was at times the name of a town in southeastern Skyrim on the road between Riften and Whiterun.[2]


In the early-mid First Era, the Battle of Sungard served to be a key point in Skyrim's conflict against the Alessian Empire, at the time under the command of Gorieus. The conflict at Sungard had led to the death of the High King of Skyrim, Kjoric the White. Because of this defeat, Emperor Gorieus' forces were able to take control of southern Skyrim, the one that it had originally lost. Following his death, the Moot was convened, naming Kjoric's son, Hoag Merkiller the next High King of Skyrim. Hoag's forces joined Ryain Direnni in his conflict against the Alessians at the Battle of Glenumbria Moors.[1][3]

In the late Second Era, the young Barenziah had moved into Sunguard, on her way towards Riften where she would meet Symmachus and eventually become the Queen of Mournhold.[4]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the town of Sunguard [nb 1] was still active, being ruled by Prince Mojarik. It had a rivalry with Vernim Wood.[2] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Greenwall in the southeast, Nimalten City in the northwest, and Reich Corigate in the northeast.[5]

By the Skyrim Civil War in 4E 201, Fort Sungard was still around, playing a role in the Reach's involvement in the Civil War. It was used by the Imperial Legion as their bulwark against the Stormcloaks in the Reach, should the latter gain control over Fort Sungard, they would have control over the Reach.[6]


  • ^  In The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the town of Sunguard was found on the road from Riften through Greenwall toward Whiterun. But when Sunguard was retconned into Fort Sungard, it was moved to the other side of the province. Instead, the Sunguard location was renamed or replaced by Fort Amol.