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Frogs (sometimes called toads)[1][2] are small amphibians that can often be found wherever it is wet. Their young are known as tadpoles. Frogs are common in Black Marsh and are prevalent in Argonian culture. The Vossa-satl is an Argonian instrument which uses living frogs from several species to create the instrument's unique sound.[2] Both Argonians and Dunmer use frogs in their cuisine.[3] Altmer are known to race specially bred frogs.[4]


Aojee ToadEdit

A species of toad found in Black Marsh. Argonians consider it a delicacy, even though the toad is poisonous. Eating too much of it leads to violent tremors and mouth frothing, followed by death. The Aojee Toad is used in the making of Aojee-Sakka, where it's served alongside a bowl of cold hosh, which is also poisonous, but the two poisons are actually antidotes to each other.[5]

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Bull-Horned Magma FrogEdit

A bull-horned magma frog

Bull-Horned Magma Frogs are large frogs which can be found on Galen and Y'ffelon. They are said to be a story given life, of which the first emerged from Y'ffre's Path.[6]

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Death HopperEdit

A Death Hopper

Death Hoppers are giant, carnivorous frogs that can be found in the swamps of Blackwood and the West Weald. They are typically green, but can also be black. Death hoppers are generally found in packs. They hunt by lurking beneath the surface of water, waiting for their prey to wander above them. They can swallow large prey whole.[7] Death hopppers are extremely poisonous, and can spit globs of toxic matter over great distances.[7] The Sul-Xan tribe is known to use death hopper vocal sacs when making armor.[8] They are known to spawn in the foul waters of the West Weald, their tadpoles are known as Death Hopper Nymphs.[9]

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Dragon FrogEdit

A dragon frog

Dragon Frogs are a unique variety of frog native to certain areas of Hammerfell and Black Marsh, where they are commonly kept as pets for their striking appearance and pest control attributes. They are so named for their small wings and breath abilities; the Hammerfell varieties spitting fire, while those of Black Marsh spew a poisonous gas, which both species use to kill flying insects or other small prey before consumption. When they are ready to mate, female dragon frogs emit an odor that attracts the males, which can result in large gatherings as every frog nearby homes in on the scent.

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Falinesti PeeperEdit

A rare breed of red frog native to Falinesti that lives among the reeds within Sacred Leap Grotto. A trial to join Brackenleaf's Briars requires a Falinesti Peeper to be eaten, after which the eater is able to see the true nature of the forest.[10]

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Glowing FrogEdit

A glowing frog

Glowing frogs are a species native to Blackwood and High Isle. They are easily identified by their blue spots and distinctive orange glow.[11]

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Indigo Tree FrogEdit

An indigo tree frog

The indigo tree frog is a species of frog found in Murkmire, which are used by Argonian vossa-satl makers to create the instrument's unique sound. They are blue in color with black spots and live in groups, nesting in the high branches of trees and only come down to feed on insects such as fleshflies.[2]

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Moss-Foot CroakerEdit

A moss-foot croaker

Moss-foot croakers are a species of bright-green frogs found in the coastal marshes of Murmkire near Lilmoth. As they have no natural predators, they are known to be docile and playful creatures.[2] The Moss-Foot Croaker is prized for its croaks and is used in the creation of the vossa-satl, an Argonian musical instrument.[2]

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A species of toad found in Murkmire.[12]

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Ruby HopperEdit

A ruby hopper

The ruby hopper is a rare species of frog found in Murkmire. They are bright red in color and enjoy sunning themselves, however they are also very quick and are easily startled. Argonian vossa-satl makers use these frogs for their pleasing croaking sounds.[2]

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Sun-Blessed ToadEdit

A sun-blessed toad

The sun-blessed toad is an especially rare species found in Murkmire. They are pale green in color and dappled with gold, and are rarely seen, preferring to stay in their mud pits and only emerging to mate every few seasons. As their croaks are highly prized by Argonian vossa-satl makers, they developed a way to lure them out. This involves creating artificial toad musk out of stench sedge, salt rush, and joymallow and applying it to a croak-wheel which mimics the mating croak of the Sun-Blessed Toad.[13] They are known to be quite fragile when excited.[2]

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