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Lore:Bolga's Guide to Galen Beasts

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Bolga's Guide to Galen Beasts
by Bolga gra-Bur, Huntswoman of Mistral
A hunter's description of some creatures found on Galen and how to eat them

Editor's Note: Bolga, an Orc hunter, finds herself on beautiful Galen, visiting friends. So she puts quill to ink. Ink to paper. And here Bolga will tell you about the island beasts of Galen, in her own particular and colorful way. From weak to strong, how to best them. And whether they are good to eat.

* * *


Beautiful, but burny. Terrible for eating.

Druids tell stories that they made the moths. Impressive if true, but Bolga is skeptical.

Grow as hot caterpillars. Drop in tea to warm quickly.

Not very dangerous, unless you live in a straw tent. Then keep water handy.

* * *


Big crab people. Think they talk? Hard to tell.

Very dangerous. Powerful magic and sharp weapons. Travel in hunting packs. Avoid the shores if you can.

Have tamed little guar-things, like shark guar. Shuar? Guarks?

Very good for eating, if you can bring one down. Is it wrong to eat crabfolk that talk? Bolga will leave that to scholars. Need more butter.

* * *


Frog. But fire. How do they not burn themselves up?

Lash out with long tongue, jump long distances. Bulls have tough horns, like moose but pointy.

Bolga heard that first magma frog hopped out of a story from Y'ffre's Path. Not sure what that means.

Surprisingly good eating. Secret recipe: Let cuts of flesh cool, apply salt, garlic, paprika. Marinate overnight in some sort of fruit juice to tenderize. Add to salad and enjoy.

* * *


What even are these things? Bug? Person? Gross.

Can sting and bite, and will catch cloths alight if you are dumber than Bolga's brother.

More pest than threat, terrible to eat. Too hot on the tongue, taste like ash in mouth.

Did see a person in Vastyr teach some nixads to hum along to a tune. Sounded good.

* * *


Three headed lion thing. You probably won't see one. If you do, run away. Fast.

My friend used to tend a chimera, she said, but it died. She seemed sad when she talked about it.

Trust Bolga. Not worth the effort to try to eat.

* * *


Deer people. Bolga wanted to make friends, but they tried to kill her.

Sharp weapons and trickster magic. Best to avoid them.

Deer is delicious, but definitely felt wrong to eat Faun. Why are they different from Hadolids?

Don't ask Bolga. Bolga is just writing down truth.

* * *


Big grasshopper. Not very dangerous.

Very good eating! Big meaty bodies, plenty of protein. Apply a strong sauce before you put them on the grill. Or directly into the lava. That works, too.

* * *


Too spooky for Bolga. Heard some stories, but never saw one. Didn't even try to find.

This is just guess on Bolga's part, but probably not good to eat.

* * *


As Bolga traveled, she learned the name of the shark-guar things. Pangrits!

Much like alits. Mouth on legs, too many teeth.

Not only are they cute, easy to train, but also quite delicious. Like guar that way.

Try honey glaze. Or spicy berry sauce.