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A Dragon Frog

Dragon Frogs are a unique variety of frog native to certain areas of Hammerfell and Black Marsh,[1] where they are commonly kept as pets for their striking appearance and pest control attributes. They are so named for their small wings and breath abilities; the Hammerfell varieties spitting fire, while those of Black Marsh spew a poisonous gas, which both species use to kill flying insects or other small prey before consumption. When they are ready to mate, female dragon frogs emit an odor that attracts the males, which can result in large gatherings as every frog nearby homes in on the scent.[2] In addition to being kept as pets, some enterprising citizens use taxidermied dragon frogs as protective pads for cooking.[3]

There are six known varieties of dragon frog; three native to western Tamriel and three to the east, all coming in a range of hues not only in their skin, but some in their breath as well. The Kindlespit is one of the most common and well-known morphs, found across Hammerfell.[4] The Blue Oasis, so named for not only its vivid blue skin, but the blue fire of its breath as well, is native only to the peninsula of Hew's Bane. Previously it could only be found in its native region, but introduction to other areas of Tamriel saw it quickly spread beyond its native land, now being found as far away as Murkmire in Black Marsh.[1] The tangerine morph can be found on Thras far to the southwest, where they were purportedly introduced and bred by the Sload as snacks.[5] However, like their blue oasis cousins, the tangerine too has spread far and wide.[5] The Butterscotch Dragon Frog of Black Marsh got its name from its yellow coloring. Whether or not it tastes like butterscotch is a matter of conjecture.[6] The kaleidotropic dragon frog, native to black marsh, has vivid mottled coloration that serves as a warning to predators that the animal is poisonous. This poison is however only a mild hallucinogenic for humanoid mortals, making it a favorite in captivity.[7] Lastly the viridescent dragon frogs of black marsh are so named for their green coloration, which is marked by bright bioluminescent bands that highlight its body.

Wherever dragon frogs hail, their striking appearance and breath has made them the subject of popular folk tales. Stories in Hammerfell claim that they were once dragons before being transformed.[4] Adversely there is a legend associated with the viridescent dragon frogs; the tale holds that they used to be as large as the dragons of old, but lacked wings. The frogs were jealous of the dragons' wings, and bargained with Peryite to acquire wings of their own; their wish granted at the cost of their size.[8]

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