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Instruments are objects used to produce sounds for use in music.


Arenthian "squeeze boxes" are popular among Colovian travelers.[1]

The Orcs of the Wrothgarian Mountains also commonly play accordions which are jokingly called "Orc-cordians".[2]


Bagpipes were found in Morrowind among the Dunmer, and Galen among the Bretons.[3][4] In Morrowind, they were often crafted from netch bladders. The adoption of netch bladders in the crafting of bagpipes gained popularity through the efforts of the inventor Serana Hlaalu.[3] Bagpipes in Galen were made from a hoarvor's bloat-sac and proboscis, often adorned with parrot feathers.[4]

Bell and ChimesEdit

Argonians from Dhalmora sometimes wear tail bands with bells attached to them.[5]

Wind chimes are often made with a variety of materials such as fox bones[6], driftwood[7], brass, silver, scrap metal, seashells, fragments of scrib[8], and ogre bones to name a few.

Reachfolk use bells and chimes in their rituals. They believe that their sound draws the attention of the spirits.[9]


Cornua are horns that were sold at Percussive Poetics in Fargrave in the 2nd Era. Unlike dragonhorns, these appear to be made of metal.


Drums are a common instrument throughout Tamriel and are commonly used by bards, armies, and tribes.

They can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as the back-teeth of bull alits which make acoustically impressive drum bases[10], guarskin drumheads[11], wooden bases, elk skin drumheads[12] and giant snake skin drumheads[13] to just name a few.

The Bosmer celebrate the life of revered Spinners by creating a drum out of their skin.[14]

War drums are used by the Imperial Legion, Orcs, and the Yokudans.[15]

Orcs are known for their penchant for percussion instruments in general.[16] Iron Orcs utilized drums during executions.[17]

Reachfolk witches use bristle-pine drums to wake the spirits during magical rituals.[18]

Totem of the Brotherhood is a drum artifact related to Hircine.[19]

The Tsaesci are known to have pellet drums.[20]


Common among the Khajiit.

Flute and FifeEdit

Flutes and fifes are common instruments, with there being many variants such as slide-flutes[21], kazoos[22], and nose-flutes[23] for example. People that play these instruments are known as flautists and people that create them are known as flutesmiths.[24]

They can be made from a variety of materials such as silver[25], moon-sugar cane[26], armbones[27] and hand-carved kwama limbs.[28]

The Ateia family of Imperials are master flautists with a history with the Bards College in Solitude. Parteron Ateia was a master flutesmith whose creations are both rare and highly coveted. The Ateia family themselves or collectors across Tamriel keep them away from the public but the Ateian Fife, Parteron's last creation was specifically donated by him to the Bards College so it can be enjoyed and preserved for future generations.[24]

The ancient Yokudans had instruments similar to modern flutes made of gold but the knowledge of how to play these has been lost.[29]

The Key to Velyn Harbor is a special fife that resembles a hollow brass key.[30]


An Argonian instrument used to call for frogs.

Glass ArmonicaEdit

Glass armonicas were known to be created by the Dwemer and were used by other races long after their disappearance.


Dead-Water Tribe warriors wear battle gongs on their arms and strike them to frighten enemies.[31]

Reachfolk use gongs in their rituals. They believe that sound of gong draws the attention of the spirits.[9]


A guzheng stringed instrument was sold at Percussive Poetics in Fargrave in the 2nd Era.


Handpans are types of drums used by Bosmer.



Dragonhorns are legendary artifacts crafted primarily by the Dragonguard, used as weapons against the Dragons. They are magical warhorns carved out of the horns of dragons, inscribed with various arcane runes, and are capable of producing a tonal sound that incapacitates dragons.[32]

Old Orsinium possessed a horn called the Horn of Beasts which had been crafted by Zbulgat the Wild-Walker. This horn summoned the creatures of the Wrothgarian Mountains. Bears, echatere, and hundreds of other wild creatures rallied to defend the city walls when the horn was blown, however King Golkarr blew the horn three times during a single moon cycle, and on the third blare the horn cracked. This horn was later recovered from Old Orsinium by the House of Orsimer Glories museum.[33]

Jaw HarpEdit

Jaw Harps are type of musical instrument found across various cultures in Tamriel. One known material for jaw harps is Maormer bone, which is said to be naturally springy and is highly sought after by unscrupulous bards.

Key HarpEdit

Key Harp being played.

Key Harps are commonly played by Bretons on High Isle.[34]



Lutes are a common instrument throughout Tamriel and are commonly used by bards. The Sticky-Fingered Lute was created by a merciless music teacher from Summerset Isle. Anyone that strummed it was cursed to never let it go until they played the perfect melody.[35]

A mandolin is a type of lute.[36][37]


One known type of marimba is an Argonian style marimba made of carefully-selected resonant reptile teeth.[38]

Music BoxEdit

Music boxes are used all over Tamriel and play a specific song.

The Altmer are known to make clockwork nightingales that when wound up can fly across a room while singing.[39]

Mouth OrganEdit


Some ocarinas are created from stone through magical means. Rocks hollowed by magic and sanded smooth produce sounds similar to blowing over empty bottles.[41]



Pungis are often used by snakecharmers in Hammerfell.

The Maormer of Pyandonea are also known to use pungis to charm snakes of all sizes.[42]


Mostly played by Khajiit


Sarons were seen around Elsweyr and sold at Percussive Poetics in Fargrave in the 2nd Era.


Tambourines are made from a variety of materials such as cherrywood,[43] silver, and the skin of hoarvors.[44] The Baandari use tambourines.[45]





A trumpet player




An Argonian instrument which uses living frogs from several species to create the instrument's unique sound.[51]


Whistles are one of the most common instruments across Tamriel, with them being used for a variety of reasons.

There are various types of whistles relating to animal training and hunting such as dog whistles[52], birdcall whistles used by foresters[53][54]

Whistle SpoonEdit

Colovians are known to use whistle spoons with maple ladles that have a hollow handle, making it useful both as a straw and a musical instrument.[55]


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