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Type Castle
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Sentinel
Settlement Sentinel
Appears in Arena, Daggerfall, ESO
Samuruik ca. 3E 405

Samuruik (also called the Palace of Sentinel[1] or sometimes spelled Samaruik)[2] is the seat of power within the city of Sentinel, and therefore the entire Kingdom of Sentinel. Built in the heyday of the Ra Gada, Samuruik is a sprawling and defendable citadel that looms over the entire city, surrounded by parklands that take much of the city space. The royal family of Forebears and their many retainers and envoys live in the castle. Its central golden dome and surrounding ornate ramparts guard it well. However, years of violent usurping stain the inner walls with blood. A joke among the lower class is that there are servants in Samuruik that constantly wash the blood from the rugs and tapestries to no end, creating the joke, "I'd rather be a rug washer in Samuruik." It is only called Samuruik by the people than in general.[1]


Samuruik was built following Yaghoub the Seafarer's conquest over what later became Sentinel in 1E 808.[3] After his Ra Gada claimed this unnamed port from the lower elves and men that lived there, he used their hard-labor to build his own palace which became Samuruik.[2] It is considered one of the oldest and largest architectural monuments built by the Redguards. One of the reasons it was built was to ward against the Bretons.[4] Since then, countless kings and queens lived in Samuruik, but there has just as much death and despair in the palace, such as the lonesome death of High King Ramzi the Distrait in 2E 560, who starved to death to completely avoid the Knahaten Flu.[1]

The Forebears lost control over Sentinel when the royal family of Crowns from Hegathe moved the capital to Sentinel. Their reign ended with the death of Thassad II in 2E 862, which launched a full-scale civil war between the Crowns and Forebears that left Sentinel in the midst of conflict. Baron Volag's rebellion had forced the Crowns further west into Stros M'Kai when they obtained an alliance with the burgeoning Third Empire. However, when Volag had mysterious disappeared, the Empire had left Sentinel and Samuruik to the Imperial Provisional Governor, Senecus Goddkey in 2E 864,[4] but he was quickly dethroned by Baron Volag, who reclaimed Sentinel.[5]

At some point, the Sorcerer-Prince of Sentinel, Karolas was buried well underneath Samuruik and had turned towards lichdom.[6] During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, Sentinel Palace was occupied by King Caacte, who would often give out quests to any adventurer that approached the court.[7] Many years later in 3E 405, following the death of his great-grandson, King Camaron, Karolas' soul was retrieved by an agent of the King of Worms and brought to his fortress, the Scourg Barrow in the Dragontail Mountains.[6]


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