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Dragonhorns are legendary artifacts crafted primarily by the Dragonguard, used as weapons against the Dragons. They are magical warhorns carved out of the horns of dragons, inscribed with various arcane runes, and are capable of producing a tonal sound that incapacitates dragons.[1][2] They however will have no effect if used against the dragon the horn originated from.[3] Widely manufactured in the late First Era by the Dragonguard, dragonhorns were gifted to key locations for their protection and are rare to find.[1] They are considerably fragile, and can break instantaneously and crumble to dust after just a few uses.[4][5][6] Lunar energy can be diverted into dragonhorns to charge them up with the arcane power capable of hindering dragons.[7][4] The portable mouthpiece portion of a dragonhorn is called a Combat Dragonhorn.[2]

Anequina DragonhornEdit

The Anequina Dragonhorn

The Anequina Dragonhorn was a horn that bore the name of the northern Elsweyr kingdom of Anequina. The memories of Queen Anequina Sharp-Tongue showed Khamira how she once used a Dragonhorn, likely being one in the same as the Anequina Dragonhorn. It was initially housed in Rimmen before being transported to Dov-Vahl Shrine hidden in The Scar of Anequina,[1] and contained in the Dragonguard Sanctuary of the shrine for when the need for it would arise once again.[8] The last remaining member of the sanctuary, Dragonguard Orland, entrusted the Vestige and Prefect Calo with the signet ring that opened the barrier to the sanctuary when Dov-Vahl was infiltrated by the Euraxians sent to assassinate Orland in 2E 582.[9] They managed to subdue the Euraxians and detached the portable mouthpiece portion of horn, delivering it to Khamira who studied with Abnur Tharn and Gharesh-ri on how to use it as it was not charged up with any power.[4][7]

With the portable Anequina Combat Dragonhorn, Khamira later saw through the memories of her ancestor Queen Anequina, determining that the Dragonhorn could be charged with lunar energy.[7] She and the Vestige managed to charge it through the use a of a Shadow Dance Temple relic and prayers, with Cadwell returning to life shortly afterwards, possibly due to the horn.[10] They then journeyed to the Moon Gate of Anequina to stop Kaalgrontiid and Mulaamnir, following them to the Plane of Jode after they failed to stop them from passing through the gate. During a final stand at Jode's Core, the Vestige used the horn with energy diverted by Khamira to hinder Mulaamnir numerous times before killing him. Khamira then used the lunar energy and the dragonhorn to banish Kaalgrontiid, sending him flying out of the plane and destroying the horn in the process.[1][6][7]

Horn of Ja'darriEdit

The Horn of Ja'darri

The Horn of Ja'darri is a combat Dragonhorn noted for its unique ability to never break. It was given to Ja'darri, a member of the Pride of Alkosh, by its donor Nahfahlaar, a powerful red dragon who was immune to its effects.[11] Sai Sahan retrieved it from the lair of the dragon Vahlokzin to aid his newly reformed Dragonguard. It was utilized by Sai Sahan during the siege of Rimmen, where he used it to assist in subduing a dragon attacking the city.[12]

Star Haven DragonhornEdit

The Star Haven Dragonhorn

The Star Haven Dragonhorn was gifted to the disciples of Star Haven Adeptorium by the Akaviri Dragonguard in a time when dragons still plagued Elsweyr, as the Dragonguard could not to stay to fight the dragons. They constructed Dragonhorn Tower as a means of safekeeping for the horn until a time came where it could be used to defend the adeptorium.[13][14] It was noted as already having been charged with lunar energy, humming with arcane power like that of a heartbeat.[4]

When the dragons were released from the Halls of Colossus in 2E 582, a dovah loyal to Kaalgrontiid known as Bahlokdaan attacked the Adeptorium, having aligned themselves with the Euraxians.[5] Zamarak and the Vestige woke up in the adeptorium after a dragon attacked their caravan,[4] and were present when Bahlokdaan attacked, helping Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro in defeating it. Upon reaching the top of Dragonhorn Tower, the Vestige sounded the Star Haven Dragonhorn, disorienting Bahlokdaan and causing him to crash within the monastery.[5] The horn shook the land itself and broke into pieces right after its use.[4] Bahlokdaan was weakened and fought off by the three warriors before being called back Kaalgrontiid's side.[5]



  • Dragonhorns appear numerous times as items throughout the ESO: Elsweyr main quest. A Dragonhorn Curio Memento is also obtainable.
  • Dragonrend is a dragon shout that has similar effects.
  • The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller was a mysterious artifact belonging to Jurgen Windcaller, founder of the Greybeards. Its function is unknown, though it contained the power of a dragon soul when returned to its rightful place.
  • A Horn of Ja'darri liquid holder replica is available for sale by Bethesda.


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