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Ring of the Wind (Morrowind)

The Ring of the Wind is an enchanted ring from the province of Elsweyr and a legendary artifact associated with the Goddess of the Winds,[1] Kynareth, or Zenithar, the God of Work and Commerce.[2][3] There has been very little information regarding it in the general public, but it is well-known that it grants the wielder great speed.[1]

The ring was worn by the nimble acrobat, Kisimba Spring-Snow, who managed to land on her feet every single time, except when she landed on others.[3] In 3E 427, the Imperial Cult had tracked the Ring of the Wind in a cave called Nammu, in the northeast grazelands of Vvardenfell. The oracle in Castle Ebonheart had sent a layman to recover the ring from the smuggler, Galmis Dren. In the cave, the layman met the smuggler's prisoner, Jon Hawker, the manifestation of Zenithar.[2]

Known WieldersEdit

  • Kisimba Spring-Snow
  • Galmis Dren

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