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Morrowind:Ring of the Wind

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Ring of the Wind
Artifact: Ring of the Wind (ring_wind_unique)
(lore page)
Type Ring
Weight Weight 0.1 Value Value 8,000
Constant Effect
Fortify Agility Fortify Agility 30 pts on Self
Ring of the Wind

No facts are known about the Ring of the Wind, but the title and the few rumors lend one to think it grants the wearer added speed.Yagrum Bagarn, Tamrielic Lore

The Ring of the Wind is a legendary treasure of Elsweyr, sacred to Kynareth. It was owned by the nimble acrobat Kisimba Spring-Snow, who was said to always land on her feet, except when she chose to land on the feet of others.Lalatia Varian

The Ring of the Wind is a legendary treasure of Elsweyr which takes the form of an enchanted ring held by Galmis Dren, who resides in Nammu, a cave located on the mainland, west of Tel Aruhn.

Oracle Lalatia Varian was granted a vision of the ring: "I have seen the wind upon a dark elf's hand. I have seen fire gleam upon a Dwarf's face. I have seen darkness on a ring of water. I have heard no name whispered in the mouth of stone."

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