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The Tomb of the Reman Emperors in Sancre Tor

The Reman Dynasty was founded by Reman Cyrodiil after he defeated the Akaviri invasion of Tamriel at the Battle of Pale Pass in 1E 2703. Until that point, Tamriel had been divided into several small kingdoms, but once Reman had brought the armies of Colovia and the Nibenay Valley together to defeat the invasion, he was able to unite all of Tamriel's human inhabitants into the Second Empire in the face of possible aggression from the Altmer.[1]

Although the Battle of Pale Pass established Reman as the leading power in Tamriel, many parts of the continent refused to acknowledge his rule. Valenwood was not subdued until 1E 2714.[2] Reman was succeeded by Emperor Kastav, who was regarded as incompetent and was responsible for provoking the Winterhold Rebellion in Skyrim. In 1E 2804, Kastav was deposed by Emperor Reman II, who negotiated an end to the strife with the Nords and ushered in an era of prosperity.[3] In 1E 2811, Cyrodilic forces defeated the last organized army of Argonians at the Battle of Argonia, and the following year saw Argonia admitted to the Empire as a province under the name "Black Marsh".[4] The rest of the province was conquered piecemeal, with the whole area officially declared annexed by the Empire in 1E 2837.[5][3]

The last war of conquest began around 1E 2840, when Reman II embarked on a campaign to subjugate Morrowind, the only province of Tamriel left outside of Imperial control. Progress in the resulting Four-Score War was slow, and the three living gods of Morrowind's Tribunal, Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil proved to be extremely capable leaders.[6] Reman II perished in battle against the Dunmer in 1E 2843, but the war continued under his successors, Brazollus Dor and Reman III.[3] By 1E 2920, both sides were approaching exhaustion, and after the Empire captured the fortress of Ald Marak, a truce was agreed upon to bring an end to the war.[6]

Shortly after the truce, Crown Prince Juilek, son of Emperor Reman III, was mistaken for his father by an assassin and slain. Reman III himself was assassinated soon afterward on the orders of his chief advisor, Potentate Versidue-Shaie, which brought an end to the Reman Dynasty and instigated the period of the Second Empire known as the Akaviri Potentate.[6] The remains of Reman I, II, and III were interred in a chamber deep within Sancre Tor, along with two other emperors whose tombs were unlabeled.[7][nb 1]

Reman BloodlineEdit

Name Reign Regnal Years Length
Reman I[nb 2] 1E 2703[1] - 1E 2762[8] 59 years
Kastav 1E 2762[nb 3] - 1E 2804[9][10][nb 4] 42 years
Reman II 1E 2804[nb 4] / 1E 2812[9][11] - 1E 2843[3][11] 31 years (de jure),
39 years (de facto)
Brazollus Dor[nb 5] 1E 2843[3][12][11] - 1E 2877[13][12] 34 years
Reman III 1E 2877[13] - 1E 2920[6] 43 years

The table to the left shows the birth and regnal dates of the emperors. The chart below details the lineage of the Reman family in the first-degree only. All unknown individuals and dates are noted with the inclusion of "???". A † symbol next to a date of death indicates that the death was not natural. Names in bold indicate ruling emperors.

References are given in the usual style, but notes are also provided for cases where calculation or inference are involved, or where contradictions exist.

Hrol[nb 6]
1E ??? - 1E ???
Alessia[nb 6]
1E ??? - 1E 266
Reman I
1E 2703 - 1E 2762
1E ??? - 1E ???
Kastav[nb 7]
1E ??? - 1E 2812
1E ??? - 1E ???
Reman II[nb 8]
1E 2794 - 1E 2843†
Irinia Dor[14]
1E ??? - 1E ???
Brazollus Dor[14]
1E 2815 - 1E 2877
1E ??? - 1E ???
1E ??? - 1E ???
Reman III[nb 8]
1E 2863 - 1E 2920†
1E ??? - 1E 2920†
1E ??? - 1E 2920†


  1. ^  The only known emperors under this dynasty other than Reman I, II, and III were Brazollus Dor and Kastav, which implies they are the two other emperors entombed with Reman.
  2. ^  Although Reman Cyrodiil founded the Second Empire and Reman Dynasty, he never took the title of emperor in his lifetime according to The Book of the Dragonborn.
  3. ^  Reman I died in 1E 2762 and it is reasonable to assume that his successor was crowned almost immediately afterwards.
  4. ^  The exact year of Kastav's death and the ascension of his successor, Reman II, is not specified by Annals of the Dragonguard. Sky Haven Temple was cut off from contact with Kastav in 1E 2804 and under siege during 1E 2805 and 1E 2806, so no news of the outside world reached the members of the Dragonguard stationed there. Only after the siege was lifted did they become aware of Reman II's ascension. However, given his 39 years of rule mentioned on his epitaph and his death in 1E 2843 according to Reman II: The Limits of Ambition, Reman II likely deposed Kastav in 1E 2804. Reman II was probably only officially crowned after Kastav's death in 1E 2812.
  5. ^  Brazollus Dor's reign was placed between Reman II and Reman III by High King Emeric in High King Emeric Answers Your Questions. Despite being ruler, nearly all issues of policy and politics were delegated to his Potentate, Sidri-Ashak.
  6. ^  The Remanada contains an allegorical story of Reman emerging from Sancre Tor as a child born from the union of King Hrol and the spirit of the deceased Saint Alessia, but the veracity of this source is disputed. The Book of the Dragonborn states that the tale of Hrol and Alessia was conjured to legitimize Reman's rule.
  7. ^  Sources are vague about the exact familial connection between Reman I, Kastav, and Reman II, though it is known that all three are members of the Reman Dynasty, indicating a common bloodline. In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, this chart depicts Reman II as a son of Kastav, and Kastav as a son of Reman I.
  8. ^  In 2920, Sun's Dawn, Reman III is sullen after the Argonian Battlechief of Soulrest stepped on his foot, and declares, "My father would have flogged him. My grandfather would have had him killed," as punishment for offending royalty. This implies that Reman III's father and grandfather were of the same royal standing as Reman III himself, and were therefore emperors. As Reman III's two immediate predecessors were Emperor Brazollus Dor and Emperor Reman II, it is reasonable to conclude that Brazollus Dor was Reman III's father, and Reman II was his grandfather.
  9. During the mid-Second Era, collectible sets of nesting dolls representing each member of the Reman Dynasty could be found.[16]


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