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King Hrol
Race Man Gender Male
Died Sancre Tor

King Hrol was said to be a king from lands beyond the lost Twil who along with sixteen western questing knights, set out to heal the borders of his forbears as he had visions of the Akaviri Invasion that was to come.[1] Hrol and his men marched along sporting banners adorned with Heartland Brindle Badgers.[2] At a point within the journey, Hrol and his men came upon the spirit of the Slave Queen, Empress Alessia who bore the Dragonfire Covenant in one hand, and the Amulet of Kings in the other.[1] In a perhaps mad, divine driven attempt to restore the Empire unity of old, Hrol made union unto a hillock which he believed Alessia's spirit resided in.[1][3]

This labor cost him his own life, and that of his shieldthane and the sanity of the rest of his men. Despite this, the legend holds that nine months later that very same mound of mud had become a mountain that would come to be known as the Golden Hill Sancre Tor, and atop that mountain lied the babe born of the deeds of Hrol, and Alessia the land, Reman Cyrodiil I who had the Amulet of Kings embedded into his forehead and quickly came to have undisputed rule as the new Emperor of Cyrodiil.[1] This event is occasionally referred to as "the Quest of Sancre Tor".[2] Some vials of the famous soil that Hrol fertilized were bottled up and fenced around Tamriel given their great value.[3] An artifact known as Hrol's Golden Girdle was known to at one time have resided in the Temple of the One.[4]



  • Hrol translates to "seeker/Healer of Kingdom".[UOL 1]


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