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Lore:Laloriaran Dynar

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King Laloriaran Dynar
ON-npc-King Laloriaran Dynar.jpg
King Laloriaran Dynar circa 1E 482
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Died 2E 582
The Hollow City
Resided in Cyrodiil
High Rock
Appears in ESO

Laloriaran Dynar (meaning "Ruler in Dark Times")[1] was the famous Last King of the Ayleids.[2] He ruled the city of Nenalata in Cyrodiil and later founded the city of Bisnensel in High Rock.[3] In the Second Era, he played a prominent role in stopping Molag Bal's Planemeld.[4]

Laloriaran was a member of House Dynar, the royal line of Nenalata. The emblem of the royal house was a triquetra, and the socerer-kings of Nenalata was long associated with "feathered jewels" and "blue gems". Laloriaran himself is believed to have worn a piece of jewelry known as the Torc of the Last Ayleid King, a neck ring made from palladium and meteoric iron and inlaid with a central jewel cut from welkynd stone.[5] The Crown of Nenalata was another important symbol of his rule; this elven helmet enabled its wearer to command the allegiance of the Ayleids of Nenalata, even in death.[6]


King of NenalataEdit

Ruins of Nenalata, King Dynar's city of origin

Laloriaran Dynar was born in Nenalata, an Ayleid city located on the eastern shore of the Niben Bay at the mouth of the Silverfish River in Cyrodiil. Sometime between 1E 263 and 1E 331, he became the king of the city-state.[3] Nenalata was incorporated into the Empire as a vassal city-state following the Alessian victory. This allowed Nenalata to last longer than most of the other Ayleid city-states.[3][1]

With the rise of the Alessian Order in the 1E 300s, the remaining vassal states dwindled, and soon Nenalata became the last of them.[3] In the years 1E 372-374, King Dynar was given an ultimatum by the Alessian Emperor. He and his people were eventually forced to abandon Nenalata and flee to High Rock in order to escape the anti-Ayleid pogroms.[3] During their exodus, hunters among the Nenalata Ayleids teamed up with senche mounts daily to track and kill game to help feed the evacuees. King Dynar joined them, riding a senche named Ceydarre, feeding her from his own rations.[7]

Ruins of Bisnensel, a city founded in High Rock by King Dynar

The Founding of BisnenselEdit

In High Rock, King Dynar and his people were welcomed by the Direnni clan. After displacing previous Orc residents, they settled on the shores of the Halcyon Lake. There, King Dynar founded the new city of Bisnensel, which was a miniature copy of Nenalata.[3][8]

In the years 1E 453-460, the Primeval Seekers, a cult devoted to Hermaeus Mora, was formed in Bisnensel. Their leader, High Priest Uluscant, demanded more of a say in municipal affairs as the cult grew in power. King Dynar denied these demands. As a result, after a few months Dynar was deposed and forced to flee from Bisnensel.[3][8][9]

Battle of Glenumbra MoorsEdit

Glenumbra Moors, the site of the great battle

King Dynar and his family fled to Balfiera, where they were granted asylum among the Direnni. Later, Dynar became a highly regarded tactician and strategist in the Direnni army.[3]

In the late 400s, the Alessian Order invaded High Rock. The invasion culminated in the great Battle of Glenumbra Moors, in which King Dynar participated.[3][2] The battle was won by the Direnni and was a fatal blow to the Alessian Order.

Return to Nenalata and ImprisonmentEdit

The Lightless Oubliette, where King Dynar was imprisoned for over three thousand years

In the years 1E 482-484, King Dynar returned to the Heartland and was lured to Nenalata, where he fell into Molag Bal's trap and was imprisoned in Coldharbour, in a replica of the White-Gold Tower.[3] He would remain there for over three thousand years.[10]

Other sources state that King Dynar was not captured by Molag Bal in Nenalata, but instead was present in the Hollow City while it was still in Cyrodiil, was pushed into Coldharbour along with it, and captured shortly afterwards.[11]

Thwarting the PlanemeldEdit

In the year 2E 582, King Dynar was finally freed by the Vestige, who infiltrated Coldharbour with the Fighters and Mages Guilds in an effort to stop Molag Bal's terrible Planemeld. The Ayleid king assumed command over the Fighters Guild forces, who had been leaderless after their captain had been slain. The invasion force, led by the Vestige and aided by Meridia, eventually managed to stop the Planemeld inside the Planar Vortex, but King Dynar was mortally wounded while trying to close a Daedric portal. He died soon afterwards in the Hollow City, in Meridia's Chapel of Light.[4] His spirit is believed to have gone to Aetherius.[12][13]

King Dynar a moment after his death in the Chapel of Light


Circa 2E 582, the Antiquarian Circle excavated and reassembled fragments of what they believed to be the Torc of the Last Ayleid King from archaeological dig sites in the realm of Apocrypha.[5]

In 3E 433, the crown of King Dynar (whose name had apparently become forgotten by then) was in possession of an Imperial scholar of the Ayleids named Herminia Cinna. A rival collector named Umbacano sent the Hero of Kvatch to obtain the crown, which he wanted to use to transform himself into the King of Nenalata and restore Ayleid civilization by raising an undead army within Nenalata. Cinna, however, did not want to sell it, instead hoping to trick Umbacano into accepting the Crown of Lindai. It is unknown which crown the Hero chose to deliver to Umbacano. Regardless, Umbacano was killed later that year during an expedition to Nenalata.[6]


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