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Lore:Herminia Cinna

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Herminia Cinna
OB-npc-Herminia Cinna.jpg
Herminia Cinna circa 3E 433
Race Imperial Gender Female
Resided in Imperial City
Appears in Oblivion

Herminia Cinna was a renowned Imperial scholar of the Ayleids who lived in the Imperial City. She is the author of The Last King of the Ayleids, a study of the Late Ayleid Period and King Laloriaran Dynar.[1] She also helped translate fragments of the mysterious Tract of Merid-Nunda, an early First Era manuscript detailing the origin myth of Meridia.[2]

Circa 3E 433, Cinna came into possession of the Crown of Nenalata, a very valuable Ayleid artifact, as well as a key to the sealed royal burial chamber of Lindai. An Altmer collector of Ayleid antiquities called Umbacano attempted to purchase the crown from her, hoping to use it to declare himself King of Nenalata and lead a rebirth of Ayleid civilization in Cyrodiil. Fearing Umbacano's ulterior motives, she refused, and Umbacano sent the Hero of Kvatch to steal it from her house in the Elven Gardens District. Cinna instead offered the key, which would have allowed the Hero to retrieve the Crown of Lindai in order to trick Umbacano. It is unknown if the Hero went ahead with this plan or not.[3]

Although Cinna lived during the late Third Era, her work appeared[1] and was cited[2] during the attempted Planemeld in the mid-Second Era.[4] It is possible that these books were displaced out of time, as was done by the enchanted library of Gandranen.[5]

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