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Greywyn Blenwyth
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Greywyn Blenwyth
Race Altmer Gender Male
Died 3E 433
Deepscorn Hollow
Resided in Cyrodiil
Appears in ESO

Greywyn Blenwyth was an infamous vampire and the founder of the Crimson Scars, a splinter faction within the Dark Brotherhood. He sought to eventually infect the entire Brotherhood with vampirism, but he was betrayed and the Crimson Scars were destroyed. Greywyn went into hiding, but was eventually tracked down by the Dark Brotherhood and assassinated. He was devoted to the worship of Sithis, and was likely a member of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order. Before his death, Greywyn gave ownership of his lair, Deepscorn Hollow, to the Champion of Cyrodiil, a long-lost relative.[1]


The Crimson ScarsEdit

Greywyn joined the Dark Brotherhood circa 3E 421 with the express intent of converting its members to vampirism, thinking that it was the desire of Sithis for vampires to act as his Hand.[2] He and his kin infiltrated the Brotherhood and began to convert others to their ways. However, he realized that existing members may be angered or new recruits deterred from joining if vampirism became a requirement. By carefully forging an alliance with several key members of the Brotherhood, he was convinced that he could persuade or dispatch any who opposed the silent takeover. He dubbed his splinter faction the Crimson Scars, a name derived from the unusually vicious neck lacerations left by his assassins and their jagged blades.[2]

The turning point of Greywyn's plans called for the swift execution of the current upper echelon of the Dark Brotherhood in one massive, cautiously executed strike. However, the Scars were betrayed by one of their own members, a Dunmer named Silarian, who informed the Black Hand of their plans. The second Purification in the Dark Brotherhood's history was carried out when assassins bearing silver weapons fell upon the Scars as they slept, killing most of the members.[2][3] His creation of the Scars did not escape the notice of historians, and the act was one of the notable events of the late Third Era, with his name being infamous enough to be mentioned directly in later timelines of the period.[4]

Deepscorn HollowEdit

Greywyn somehow escaped the carnage, and retreated to a cave he had once used as a lair when he was a novice, which he had dubbed Deepscorn Hollow. The cave was located beneath a small offshore island along the coast of Topal Bay, in the Blackwood region of Cyrodiil. Here he attempted to reform the Crimson Scars, using the cave as a base of operations. He sent a message across Cyrodiil, seeking those who would join his cause or any surviving Scars, but it was to no avail.[2] He succeeded only in contacting Rowley Eardwulf, a Breton member of the Crimson Scars who had also survived. Rowley agreed to provide Greywyn with the tools necessary to improve his lair and return Deepscorn Hollow to its former glory.[3]

Following the Purification, all of Greywyn's prayers to Sithis had went unanswered, despite many sacrifices. His vampiric nature and the betrayal of his Brothers had displeased Sithis. When his Dark Master eventually did speak, the god agreed to approve of the Crimson Scars, but at a price. As punishment, Greywyn was ordered to renounce his vampiric ways. In his search for a cure, Greywyn came across a musty tome in a ruined fort that bore the answer: Purgeblood Salts, an alchemical ingredient that can be bathed in to cure vampirism.[2]

He spent months gathering the ingredient necessary to refine the salts. In 3E 433, almost twelve years after having found the cure, Greywyn sensed his impending death. He tracked down the Champion of Cyrodiil, a long-lost relative of his and the heir to Deepscorn Hollow.[1] For a time Greywyn watched the Champion of Cyrodiil from afar, and eventually delivered a note making himself known. He provided the Champion with a map to Deepscorn Hollow, requesting only that the Champion honor Sithis with the darkest of deeds.[5] With all his preparations for the cure complete, Greywyn approached his shrine to Sithis for one last prayer, when he was stabbed in the back by an assassin from the Dark Brotherhood, which had finally tracked him down.[2] The Champion of Cyrodiil subsequently arrived in Deepscorn Hollow and found Greywyn's journal. The Champion then contacted Rowley Eardwulf, who agreed to renovate the lair.[6]