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Lore:Lucien Lachance

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Speaker Lucien Lachance
LG-cardart-Lucien Lachance.jpg
Speaker Lucien Lachance
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 433
Resided in Cyrodiil
Appears in Oblivion, Skyrim, Legends

Lucien Lachance, an Imperial assassin, was a Speaker for the Black Hand of the Dark Brotherhood in the late Third Era. He was killed in 3E 433.

In his youth, Lachance traveled to Skyrim and visited the city of Riften. He was once in possession of the Blade of Woe. He became the Speaker for the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood sanctuary when the previous Speaker was killed while fulfilling a contract.[1] He took up residence in the abandoned Fort Farragut just outside the city, and was responsible for recruiting new members to the sanctuary. He trained the Shadowscales Ocheeva and Teinaava from when they were hatchlings.[2] He was also the one to order the Purification of the sanctuary in 3E 433 when the Black Hand discovered that the Brotherhood had been infiltrated by a traitor. He named the assassin who carried out the Purification as his new Silencer, to replace his previous Silencer who had died carrying out a contract. He passed on his undead horse, Shadowmere, to the new Silencer.[3]

His Silencer was subsequently manipulated by the true traitor, Mathieu Bellamont. The Silencer then systematically assassinated half of the Black Hand, and, unknowingly, framed Lachance as the traitor. By the time Lachance had stopped his Silencer, Ungolim, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, had already been slain. Lachance went into hiding while his Silencer attempted to clear his name, but the remaining members of the Black Hand tracked him down to an abandoned farmstead at Applewatch and murdered him. His Silencer took his place as Speaker, and was later named Listener by the Night Mother when Bellamont attempted to destroy her and failed. The Night Mother would later clear Lucien's name.[4]

In death, Lachance went to the Void to join Sithis, the Dread Father of the Dark Brotherhood. In 4E 201, his spirit was bound to the new Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. He could be summoned as a spectral assassin, to aid the Listener in combat or offer advice.[5]


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