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Keeper Cicero
LG-cardart-Cicero the Betrayer.png
Keeper Cicero as seen in Legends
Race Imperial Gender Male
Resided in Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim, Legends

Cicero (sometimes called the Fool of Hearts)[1] was an Imperial assassin and Keeper of the Dark Brotherhood. As Keeper, he was responsible for caring for the Night Mother's body and casket.


Little is known of him before 4E 186, when he arrived at the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Cheydinhal following the destruction of the Bruma sanctuary and started keeping a journal detailing some of his many contracts. When the Night Mother's crypt in Bravil was desecrated, the coffin was brought to Cheydinhal, and Cicero was appointed Keeper. The role of Guardian consists of the caretaking of the Night Mother's body in order to preserve the conduit through which she communicates with the Listener; with Listener Alisanne Dupre having died defending the crypt, the Brotherhood hoped a new Listener would be chosen quickly. Cicero was an accomplished assassin who was extremely deadly with a dagger, and while honored to become Keeper, he was reluctant to abandon his work. Before starting his new duties, he was allowed one last assassination, an unnamed jester whose laughter Cicero never forgot.

However, no Listener was chosen. Rasha, a fellow Dark Brotherhood member of the Black Hand, pretended to have been made Listener, but failed to repeat the Binding Words through which the Guardian is able to confirm whether a Listener's claim is legitimate. Pontius, another Dark Brother, was killed by a bandit on the streets of Cheydinhal. Garnag, Cicero's last living companion, eventually disappeared as well, having either perished or deserted the organization, leaving a mentally unstable Cicero alone with the Night Mother. Cicero progressively adopted the mannerisms of the fool, his last target, who had laughed until the end, and described himself as the incarnation of laughter, often speaking of himself in the third person. Above all else, he wished for the Night Mother to finally speak—preferably to him, but to anyone she would consider worthy of the title of Listener.

Having spent several years as the sole member of the Dark Brotherhood in Cyrodiil, Cicero fled to Skyrim with the Night Mother's body, where one last chapter of the organization remained active as of 4E 201. He hoped to find a haven for the Night Mother, and to find a Listener who could rejuvenate the Brotherhood. It is unknown how much success he had, though he spent some time living in an abandoned sanctuary in Dawnstar.[1][2]


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