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Lore:Silent Mire

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Silent Mire
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Deshaan
Appears in ESO
Silent Mire circa 2E 582

Silent Mire is an Argonian settlement in the Siltreen region of Deshaan, on the eastern coast in Morrowind.[1] It is a farming settlement and possesses fertile soil for growing saltrice.[2][3] Silent Mire is noted for its mud huts, in contrast to the stone architecture of the local Dunmer.[1]


A Khajiiti slaver ship docked at Silent Mire

When the Ebonheart Pact was founded in 2E 572,[4] most Great House Dunmer freed their Argonian slaves and the practice was outlawed throughout most of Morrowind.[5][6] It was during the time of the Ebonheart Pact that Leel-Vata, the village's spirital leader, led her people out of Black Marsh to settle on the fertile land at Silent Mire. The settlers brought with them six sacred stones and a branch from their Hist tree.[3] The villagers followed Leel-Vata's teachings to escape the violence of the world and live uncomplicated, peaceful lives.[2]

Circa 2E 582, the village was betrayed by one of their own: Leel-Vata's brother, Seeks-the-Night, sought vengeance when Vara-Zeen was made the village elder instead of him. When Leel-Vata and Vara-Zeen became mates, Seeks-the-Night made an agreement with the Renrijra Maor, a band of Khajiiti pirates and privateers in service to the Aldmeri Dominion. The Renrijra pirates arrived at Silent Mire aboard The Crafty Monkey and raided the village, stealing their sacred relics and capturing the villagers to be sold into slavery.[7]

After learning of her egg-brother's treachery, Leel-Vata enlisted the aid of the Vestige in freeing the captured villagers and retrieving the sacred relics. The recovered Hist branch was then used to summon Seeks-the-Night back to Silent Mire; the Hist's power compelled him to return to his hut, where he was slain by the Vestige.[8] Captain Sa'dir, the leader of the pirates, was also slain aboard his ship,[9] and the remaining raiders were driven off by giant mire wasps when their nests were agitated by the village alchemist.[10][11]

The Twin Lamps were known to operate a safe house in Silent Mire for escaped slaves during the Second Era, located along the route to Black Marsh.[12]


  • It appears that the Ebonheart Pact had planned to recruit Seeks-the-Night as an agent against the Dominion prior to his death.[13]

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