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Secunda as the Bloodmoon
"The Bloodmoon will rise again, and my hounds will walk the lands. Let this world enjoy its brief respite, for Hircine will hunt again!" —Hircine[1]

The Bloodmoon is a phenomenon occurring when Hircine's Great Hunt is hosted on Nirn. During the Great Hunt, Secunda turns a deep shade of red and becomes the Bloodmoon. The hunt is believed to end when the Bloodmoon disappears,[2] and Secunda turning red is considered a calling for the chase.[3] The Bloodmoon occurs naturally in the Hunting Grounds,[4][5] as the Great Hunts are constantly held there.[6]


The Bloodmoon Prophecy is a legend of the Skaal, a native group of Nords from Solstheim. It foretells an event which happens every era, when Hircine walks Nirn with his Hounds to collect mortals that shall become quarry in the Great Hunt. The selected are either taken to the Hunting Grounds,[7] or preyed upon on Nirn.[8]

The Bloodmoon is said to symbolize the blood of the Hunter's Prey, and those wishing to join the Great Hunt craft rounded bone pendants that are stained with blood to symbolize it.[2][9] Allegedly, the light of the Secunda during a Great Hunt can be used to infuse oils to create a red colored substance, known as the Bloodmoon Oil, with unknown alchemical properties.[10]



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