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Lore:Bendu Olo

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King Bendu Olo
ON-misc-Bendu Olo.png
Bendu Olo
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Resided in Anvil

Bendu Olo, known variously as the Colovian Emperor[1], Sailor-King of Anvil[2], West King of Anvil, and Dealer of Swift Justice to the Foul Spot of Thras,[3] was the Colovian King of Anvil and Baron-Admiral of the All Flags Navy[4] who led the fleet against the Sload of Thras shortly after the Thrassian Plague of 1E 2200.[3][5] Syrabane is said to have aided him in this victory,[6][7] which is marked as the time when Colovia began to overshadow eastern Cyrodiil, leading to the War of Righteousness.[8] His notes became a rare source of information on the Sload, and were disseminated by scholars for many years.[3]


Bendu Olo became King of Anvil at some point before 1E 2241, when he called for a fleet to be built to sail to Thras and avenge the Thrassian Plague.[2][3] Olo was joined in his efforts by Redguards, Bretons, Altmer, Argonians,[9] Dunmer,[2] Khajiit, Orcs,[10] and Nords,[11] and the fleet was dubbed the All Flags Navy.[3]

Bendu Olo was said to have spared no expense preparing his fleet for the war against the Sload. According to some scholars he fully employed as much as three-fourths of Tamriel's shipbuilders while outfitting the All Flags Navy to brave the treacherous waters surrounding Thras.[4]

The majority of the fleet was built in the shipyards of Gonfalon Bay and All Flag's Islet on the Systres Archipelago. Other large shipyards used for the fleet included those in Alinor in the Summerset Isles[2] and Shipwright's Regret on the eastern shore of Rivenspire in High Rock. It was there where the mixed, provincial fleets were outfitted into the swiftest and strongest armada to ever sail the seas.[12]

After the final assault on Thras in 1E 2260, which sank the continent and saw half of the All Flag's Navy lost, Olo and his remaining captains returned to the Systres. On the Systres the captains signed the Concordat of Fraternity, binding them and their races to the cause of "peace and cooperation", before sailing back to their homelands.[2] Various Breton and Colovian laborers and engineers remained on the Systres, now a part of the Kingdom of Anvil, to build a monument to the All Flags Navy. Many of them decided to remain in the Systres after the completion of the monument, becoming the ancestors of the Second Era inhabitants of the archipelago.[13]

When he returned to Anvil he began converting what was then known as Anvil Fortress into Anvil Castle.[UOL 1]

He was elderly and in failing health in 1E 2290, when he visited the dedication ceremony for the Colossus of Gonfalon Bay, built in his honor.[14]


In the period after Olo's victory over the Sload the Colovian Estates began to overshadow the richer and more populous Nibenean East, which would lead Colovia to secede from the Alessian Empire in 2321. The ensuing War of Righteousness saw the Empire collapse, and rule over the Nibenay Valley reverted to a mercantile-magocracy.[8]

The Systres would remain the territory of Anvil until 1E 2327, when the costs of the War of Righteousness forced Anvil's rulers to sell the archipelago to a group of Breton coin-barons.[13]

Taking the title Earl of Outer Cheydinhal following the War of Righteousness in the 2300s, General Turpis "Volte-Face" Tharn married a niece of Admiral Bendu Olo and set about fathering numerous descendants,[15] thereby connecting the Tharn family to Olo's lineage. Rusio Olo, possibly Bendu's descendant, was instrumental in ending the Order of the Black Worm's infestation of Kvatch in 2E 437.[16]




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