The following table lists the (18 known) predefined codes for specific town building types. This values are referenced both within the Daggerfall Quest Subsystem, and within the Daggerfall Map Database.

Town Building Type Codes
0x00 Alchemist
0x01 House For Sale
0x02 Armorer
0x03 Bank
0x04 Town4
0x05 Bookseller
0x06 Clothing Store
0x07 Furniture Store
0x08 Gem Store
0x09 General Store
0x0A Library
0x0B Guildhall
0x0C Pawn Shop
0x0D Weapon Smith
0x0E Temple
0x0F Tavern
0x10 Palace
0x11 House1
0x12 House2
0x13 House3
0x14 House4
0x15 House5
0x16 House6
0x17 City Wall
0x18 Ship
0x74 Special1
0xdf Special2
0xf9 Special3
0xfa Special4


  • The character's ship is never displayed on the automap.
  • The fields Special1, Special2, Special3, and Special4 are also never displayed on the automap.
  • House1 has always locked entry door(s).
  • House2 has unlocked entry door(s) from 06:00 to 18:00.