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Daggerfall Mod:File Formats

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  • Text Record Format — Description of the format used for the text records used in the game.
  • TEXT.RSC format — Describes the structure of the file TEXT.RSC (uses Text Record Format).
  • Book format — The almost complete format to the book files found in the ARENA2\BOOKS directory (uses Text Record Format).
  • Quest hacking guide — A text file detailing the formats of the QRC and QBN files which contain the quest data (uses Text Record Format).
  • Quest pseudo-codes — Lengthy description of the OpCodes section used in the QBN quest files to script the game engine.
  • Building types — List of town building type codes (used by MAPS.BSA and BLOCKS.BSA, as well as the Quest hacking guide).
  • Mobile types — The list of all (known) type codes for the mobiles found in Daggerfall.
  • Text Variable Hashes — The list of all (known) text variables ("_string_" through "____string_") and their associated hash.
  • BSA file formats — Description of the various BSA files, which contain most of the map and 3D object information for the game.
  • ARCH3D.BSA — Description of the 3D objects database used by the game to generate the scene.
  • UV texture coordinates — Description of how Daggerfall works with textures on the various models and meshes.
  • BLOCKS.BSA — Description of the "prefabs" used to create the towns and dungeons in the game.
  • MAPS.BSA — Description of the overland map database, which is the "world map" of the game.
  • Region Numbers — List of all overland map areas and their indices used in the game (used by MAPS.BSA).
  • Location types — List of overland map location type codes(used by MAPS.BSA, and the Quest hacking guide).
  • Block Record Indexes — Logic used for determining which records from BLOCKS.BSA to load.
  • WOODS.WLD format — Description of the WOODS.WLD format which appears to give information about the creation of landscape within the game.
  • PAK file formats — Describes the PAK compression algorithm and lists the files which make use of it.
  • CLIMATE.PAK — Description of the format and purpose of the CLIMATE.PAK file, which determines the textures used for overland locations.
  • POLITIC.PAK — Description of the format and purpose of the POLITIC.PAK file, which determines which factions own which areas of the Iliac Bay.
  • Save Game Offsets — A close to complete listing of hex offsets and their description in save games.
  • Custom Artifacts — Information on the format of the MAGIC.DEF and how to add artifacts into the game.
  • SPELLS.STD indices — Index codes for the spells in the game.
  • Hacking FALL.EXE — How to allow attributes and skills to exceed 100 by hacking the v1.07.213 FALL.EXE file.
  • Hacking Items — A very complete guide telling one how to change around item images to those not normally seen in the game.