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This article is about houses available for purchase. For individual homes on the travel map, see Homes. For residences in towns and cities, see Residences.

You can buy houses in Daggerfall. A house affords you a safe space to rest without drawing the ire of the town guards, stockpile loot, and otherwise serve as a status symbol. Houses are purchased from banks, or obtained as a gift upon achieving the highest rank in a knightly order. However, if you cannot afford a house and want a storage area that isn't your cart, you could also purchase a ship for a fraction of the cost, or just rent a room in a tavern for as long as you need.

You may only own one house at a time, however you can sell your house to any bank in the Iliac Bay for a reduced price.

Types of Purchasable HousesEdit

There are many different purchasable houses in Daggerfall. These mostly fall into a few different types, such as whether they are apartments or residential, and also which of several different aesthetic styles they are. Apartments are common in Hammerfell but practically non existent in High Rock. The main difference between apartments and residences is that apartments are separated into multiple sections for different people to live in; however, as you cannot rent out your house this is usually just inconvenient.



  • If you store too many items in your home or on your ship, the game may run out of memory and result in crashes upon entering capital cities, in particular Daggerfall City. This can be mitigated by editing Z.CFG in the game's main directory and adding the line objmemsize 9000 to allocate more memory. ?
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