Daggerfall: Services
Opening Hours 24/7
A typical tavern found in Daggerfall

A tavern is a place where you can buy food and drinks, or rent a room. Although you don't need to drink or eat, doing so will restore a small amount of health in addition to increasing the game's immersion. The price to rent a room is usually between 4 and 8 gold pieces per 24 hours, but with a high Mercantile skill, you can haggle it down to under 4 gold. If you join a knightly order you will receive free lodgings at any tavern in your order's region, a perk which extends to every region once you attain a high enough rank.

You can store (drop) your equipment anywhere in a tavern as long as you have rented a room there. Your equipment will not vanish even when you leave the town (equipment dropped anywhere in a settlement normally vanishes as soon as you leave it). There are usually many taverns in a town or city, and it is very rare for a town to not have at least one. Taverns are also favored meeting places for quest related NPCs.


Inside a tavern
Drink/Food Cost (gold) Health restored
Ale 1 2
Beer 1 2
Mead 2 4
Wine 3 6
Bread 1 2
Broth 1 2
Cheese 2 4
Fowl 3 6
Gruel 2 4
Pie 2 4
Stew 3 6

Tavern Map BlocksEdit