Daggerfall: Bestiary

Level: 18
HP: 27-146
AC: 1
Damage: 15-50
Spell Points: 280
Strength: 150 Intelligence: 110
Willpower: 70 Agility: 100
Endurance: 95 Personality: 90
Speed: 100 Luck: 50

Daedroths (also known as Lesser Daedra) are crocodile-headed warriors wielding deadly axes and sinister spells. Like all daedra, they are able to detect camouflaged or invisible foes and can only be hit by weapons of mithril quality or higher.


  • None


Fighting StrategiesEdit

Close in quickly and use melee attacks to deny the Daedroth an opportunity to cast its ranged spells. You may also wish to protect yourself with Spell Reflection, Spell Resistance, or Spell Absorption.

Daedroths are especially dangerous to spellcasters, as they make frequent use of their Silence spell. However, they are in most cases inferior in combat, so if a Daedroth is itself silenced melee attacks should result in the creature's quick death. The Daedric language skill can sometimes render an enemy non-hostile.


  • Daedroths in Daggerfall wear armor and use weapons, unlike the ones in Morrowind and Oblivion. However, armored Daedroths can also be found in ESO.