Daggerfall:Skeletal Warrior

Daggerfall: Bestiary
Skeletal Warrior
Level: 9
HP: 17-66
AC: 2
Damage: 5-15
Spell Points: 5-15
Strength: 50 Intelligence: 65
Willpower: 40 Agility: 80
Endurance: 55 Personality: 50
Speed: 70 Luck: 50

While they may appear fragile, Skeletal Warriors are tough, skilled fighters. Lacking flesh, these creatures take less damage from edged weapons. They can be hit by weapons of any material.


  • There is a 2% chance of contracting a disease from a Skeletal Warrior
  • Skeletal Warriors take normal damage from blunt weapons, including staffs, and half damage from all the others
  • Skeletal Warriors take double damage from silver weapons


  • None

Fighting StrategiesEdit

Skeletal Warriors are not much of a challenge for higher level characters. However, lower level characters should attack with blunt weapons (flail, hammer, mace, or staff) to avoid the creature's damage reduction. They can detect camouflaged or invisible opponents, so these spells will provide no advantage in combat.