Daggerfall:Orc Warlord

Daggerfall: Bestiary
Orc Warlord
DF-creature-Orc Warlord.gif
Level: 16
HP: 20-90
AC: 16
Damage: 5-50 or by Weapon
Spell Points: 0
Strength: 10 Intelligence: 70
Willpower: 80 Agility: 50
Endurance: 75 Personality: 50
Speed: 50 Luck: 50

Orc Warlords are elite warriors, by far the strongest and most dangerous members of the Orcish hordes. They appear similar to Orc Sergeants, with the addition of a tassel on their helms, capes, and gold bracers. Orc Warlords can be hit by weapons of any material.


  • None


  • None

Fighting StrategiesEdit

Use ranged attacks at lower levels, melee attacks at higher levels. The Orcish language skill can sometimes render an enemy non-hostile.