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Daggerfall:Daedra Seducer

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Daedra Seducer
DF-creature-Daedra Seducer.gif
Level: 19
HP: 27-146
AC: 1
Damage: 15-50
Spell Points: 290
Strength: 150 Intelligence: 60
Willpower: 70 Agility: 100
Endurance: 95 Personality: 120
Speed: 70 Luck: 50

Daedra Seducers appear to be alluring spellcasters at first, but when attacked reveal their true bat-winged forms. Like all daedra, they are able to detect camouflaged or invisible foes and can only be hit by weapons of mithril quality or higher.


  • None


Fighting StrategiesEdit

Daedra Seducers are best fought with ranged weapons or magic, as their spells can be devastating at close range (see Bugs). Spell Reflection, Spell Resistance, or Spell Absorption are recommended when fighting one. The Daedric language skill can sometimes render Daedra Seducers non-hostile.


  • The Daedra Seducer's spells are broken in the last official patch. Their respective effects will do the opposite to your character when used, i.e. your health and fatigue will be restored when hit with her spells.


  • Daedra Seducers do not spawn when ChildGuard is on.