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Daggerfall:Ice Atronach

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Ice Atronach
DF-creature-Ice Atronach.gif
Level: 16
HP: 25-130
AC: 6
Damage: 5-15
Spell Points: 0
Strength: 150 Intelligence: 78
Willpower: 80 Agility: 90
Endurance: 95 Personality: 69
Speed: 65 Luck: 60
Treasure: Nil

Ice Atronachs are golems constructed of ice shards and possess a cold-based damage aura. Unlike other atronachs, Ice Atronachs may also be encountered underwater. They can be hit by weapons of any material.



  • None

Fighting StrategiesEdit

Some people never experience the damage auras of atronachs[verification needed — needs confirmation], so melee attacks are recommended. Lower level characters who wish to avoid melee may use fire-based spells.


  • Ice Atronachs should not be confused with Frost Daedra. Note that some of the Ice Atronachs may be artificial like the golems in Arena[1], while others are Daedric creatures[2] similar to the Frost Atronachs in Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and ESO.


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