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Daggerfall:Giant Scorpion

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Giant Scorpion
Level: 12
HP: 18-74
AC: 0
Damage: 15-25
Spell Points: 0
Strength: 120 Intelligence: 10
Willpower: 30 Agility: 80
Endurance: 95 Personality: 50
Speed: 70 Luck: 50
Treasure: Nil

The giant scorpion is a large arachnid that attacks with claws and stinger, and has the ability to paralyze its foes. Giant scorpions can be hit by weapons of any material.


  • Paralyzing attacks


  • None

Fighting StrategiesEdit

If you lack immunity to paralysis, ranged attacks are safer (especially at lower levels). Giant scorpions are quickly dispatched at higher levels with melee attacks.


  • The name of this creature is erroneously spelled "Giant Scorpian" in the game text when encountering one in combat.