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Hello MortenOSlash! Welcome to UESPWiki. It's always good to have new members. If you would like to help improve any of our pages, you may want to take a look at the following links:

If you, on the other hand, would like to spice up your userpage, take a look at this link:

  • Userboxes: near complete list of userboxes, including a guide to make your own

When you're editing, it's always a good idea to leave edit summaries to explain the changes you have made to a particular page, and remember to sign your talk page posts with four tildes ~~~~. Also, the "show preview" button is a great way to view the changes you've made so far without actually saving the page (our patrollers really appreciate it!).

Feel free to practice editing in the sandbox or discuss the games in the forums. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact one of our mentors. Have fun! --Kitkat TalkContribE-mail 13:37, 11 December 2011 (UTC)

Unsigned CommentsEdit

Thank you for fixing all of those! There are a billion of those, and having at least one person hacking away at them is great. However, you can (and probably ought to) do all of your edits to a single page at once, rather than making a bunch of edits. It makes it much easier for us patrollers. Thanks! ?• JATalk 06:05, 27 February 2012 (UTC)

I would certainly have liked to. I have tried before, unsuccessfully, as I kept losing track on which are the one I was currently editing. That is why I have fallen back on the one strategy I know I can manage. I might try again, but today I only want to finish one single fix as the time is closing to my bus for work (being just past 7 am at my time zone), so it will have to wait until later.--MortenOSlash 06:14, 27 February 2012 (UTC)
It is easy to get messed up when fixing the really bad talk pages— I usually keep three tabs open in order to keep it all straight! Anyway, I was just going to add a thanks for the same thing, but I saw someone beat me to it. I've been doing this basically every time I get the chance, and I've noticed several times you've already fixed some. It's always a pleasant surprise. So thanks! :) Alphabetface 14:43, 3 March 2012 (UTC)
Four tabs ended up as my solution for the job. One tab for the Unsigned template, as it is easier to copy/paste the example than type each time, one for the unedited talk page, one tab with the whole talk page open in edit mode and one tab with the revision history. --MortenOSlash 15:00, 3 March 2012 (UTC)

Undoing Multiple EditsEdit

I noticed you'd been undoing edits on this page, and you have undone multiple edits before. I just wanted to point out an easier way of doing so: Go back to the last good edit (in this situation, it would have been this), click "edit", and then save the page. You'll get a warning at the top saying that you're editing an old version of the page, but that's all. It's a useful way to quickly fix multiple edits at once. --Velyanthe 16:05, 10 March 2012 (UTC)

Thank you for the advice. I did not think about that solution at all. I thought it was expected to include the reference number of the edit in the edit summary. Your method is much easier than anything I thought about. Thank you again! --MortenOSlash 16:39, 10 March 2012 (UTC)
It's not necessary to include the reference numbers. If anyone looks through the page history and sees something like "reverted edits", that should be enough.
You're very welcome :) --Velyanthe 17:21, 10 March 2012 (UTC)

More about unsigned commentsEdit

Hey there, Slash :) I've seen your edits a few times recently to repair my (sort-of) unsigned comments - and with Velyanthe's help, the problem has been solved. I changed my preferences to include the link to my talk page in my sig, so you shouldn't have to clean up after me anymore. Thanks for your eagle eye! (How do you see these EVERY TIME? Is there a list somewhere for unsigned comments?) --Scribbles (Crayolamanic) (talk) 01:23, 22 February 2013 (GMT)

I was a bit unsure about how it should be presented not to seem negative, so I am glad I managed to pass through my positive intentions. I am glad you found a working solution, as I judge your contributions positive to the site.
I had no idea I covered every of your signatures. That was pure chance. I follow updates on a growing number of pages, as I tend to put every page I have contributed on my automatic watchlist, and a few more that are just of pure interest, so I check them when I see something happens there. For some reason it seems most or maybe all of your contributions where on these pages I kept watch on. See you (or rather your contributions, of course) around the site! —MortenOSlash (talk) 05:49, 22 February 2013 (GMT)

Arcwind Point Talk editsEdit

Hey yeah I'd agree with you about those 3 edits by that anon being forum like and would agree with deletion. Lord Eydvar Talk|Contribs 05:52, 26 February 2013 (GMT)

I am always torn between being a bit too understanding and a bit too grumpy with all these anonymous contributors, so I did not feel to sure about what to do, so thank you for backing me. I will just remove them right away, then. —MortenOSlash (talk) 07:26, 26 February 2013 (GMT)

Autopatrolled UserEdit

Congratulations on your Autopatrolled User status! The new rights you have been given are the following: none. Have fun! ~ Dwarfmp (talk) 20:12, 6 April 2013 (GMT)

Thank you! It will not change my work here much as my aim is only to help improve in my own small ways, and if autopatrolling makes the work easier for other users, then I am all in. I am specially looking forward to execute my new rights as they are listed. :o) —MortenOSlash (talk) 20:49, 6 April 2013 (GMT)
Congratulations! Have fun with your exciting new rights! :) Vely►t►e 20:51, 6 April 2013 (GMT)

The honour is mineEdit

You were the first (and at the moment, only) person to actually show an active interest in what I was trying to to say, and did not get offended when I pointed out that your reply didn't apply. I checked out your page, liked the way it looked, and modeled mine after it. Thank you for being okay with that, and apparently proud. -DimitriusTepes (talk) 18:03, 11 July 2013 (GMT)

(o: —MortenOSlash (talk) 18:17, 11 July 2013 (GMT)

Needed helpEdit

A few days ago I posted a section in the respawning talk page, basically asking what to do about a particular freeze. The page history says you took it down. Why? As of yet, the problem isn't solved, and I don't think it was irrelevant to the page. I saw some sort of comment that I think you used to explain why you took it down, but I didn't understand it. I will admit that I haven't looked at the wiki policies, but I figured I could still get help. -- 04:21, 12 September 2013 (GMT)

After looking into the edit history of the Skyrim respawning talk page I am not sure what deletion you are referring to, as my two last contributions there have been additions, not deletions (though one of them only a minor one). The closest thing I find is from 31 July, where I (among other users) were involved in a clean-up where more or less indentical contributions were added to several talk pages. We collected it all on the respawning talk page, and only deleted some redundant lines there. Nothing deleted then was from IP ranges even similar to yours. —MortenOSlash (talk) 05:11, 12 September 2013 (GMT)
So, I've been using different computers for communicating, more of a personal convenience than anything else. And now that I looked at the history a little closer, you're right. I saw that you had replied, but either I somehow missed the topic, or it had been deleted by someone else. The issue had to do with silent moons camp. It would freeze when I approached. You replied with something along the lines of trying another disc. I have, but it didn't solve the problem. I think the issue has become simply that the file is corrupted. I've since deleted and reinstalled dawnguard, but that didn't fix it, since it didn't force the respawn like I thought. Sorry for accusing you of deleting my post. I'm not too upset about silent moons camp now that I've basically deleted the quest that needed the location. I'll just reload the game if any more quests get assigned there. The only reason I really care about it now is because it limits the overworld exploration. 05:35, 31 October 2013 (GMT)
No worries. It is easy to get confused when reading the revision history. On the Silent Moons Camp problem I am afraid I do not have any solution, as I am not sure I understood your problem correctly. Anyway, I have not even edited the Silent Moons Camp page before either. —MortenOSlash (talk) 05:48, 31 October 2013 (GMT)

Recent Forelhost Edit ReversionEdit

Just looked at the reason behind the reversion of my contribution to the Forelhost page, and I can't think of any other dungeons where enemies are present but invisible like they are in Forelhost. However, I've not visited every other dungeon in the game, so I thought I'd ask. At the very least, I could probably shorten the note to just mention that the Draugr Cultists are detectable with Detect Dead and leave the rest of the tactical information out, but I didn't want to start an edit war if there actually is another dungeon where enemies work the same way. Do you know of any off-hand? Swk3000 (talk) 23:06, 19 September 2013 (GMT)

Sorry the late answer. I have been travelling.
You have a valid point in the fact that Forelhost enemies are one of few (though I can not remember if they are the only) who are invisible until they engage in combat, so I guess you might be right there. I can only answer for myself, but I believe your alternative solution with a briefer stating of the fact that they are visible with Detect Dead (and if I do remember correctly, the shout Aura Whisper), might be something most editors would agree with. —MortenOSlash (talk) 12:52, 21 September 2013 (GMT)
You know, now that I think about it, there are plenty of enemies with similar behavior. Falmer who jump out of their little cubbyholes, Charus Hunters who explode from their cocoons, and Dwarven Automatons who drop from their scuttles. Heck, even the Ash Spawn in Fort Frostmoth behave like this. I'll make the note about the ghosts being detectable with Detect Dead and leave it at that. Thanks for taking the time to explain your reversion. I appreciate it. Swk3000 (talk) 17:03, 28 September 2013 (GMT)
You are right! Good solution! —MortenOSlash (talk) 16:42, 29 September 2013 (GMT)

Tabs on Lmstearns postsEdit

Hi Morten,

"It seems like you try to indent your contributions on talk pages by using the tab key on your keyboard"

Never have used a tab key. But have used <enter> or <carriage return> or <CTRL-M> which might upset the formatting engine. For example, I never used a colon (or anything else) for Skyrim talk:Frostmere Crypt Glitched? section, but it seemed to indent automatically. Will be employing the use of colons from now on. --Lmstearn (talk) 11:02, 24 November 2013 (GMT)

It got indented because I edited the page and removed whatever formatting symbol you added and exchanged with two colons. That is why it indented. Your formatting symbols enclosed your contribution in a box, as you can see on the status link for the page on the point where you had edited and before I did. Se for yourself:
By the way, responses on entries to a talk page are usually expected to be added on the same page, even if it is on a user talk page. I will therefore add a note on my entry on your page that you answered here. —MortenOSlash (talk) 18:53, 24 November 2013 (GMT)
I see what you mean. Must find out what that symbol is- might be useful for quoting other posts. Gremlins from this keyboard?- or something extra on the LF for the 360? 2nd edit: Looks like a CSS table, dunno how the format string is represented by one character.--Lmstearn (talk) 02:25, 25 November 2013 (GMT)
It looks like it's just a space. That'll give <pre>-like formatting on a wiki:
Robin Hood  (talk) 07:20, 25 November 2013 (GMT)
Yes. Mea Culpa. The dashed box is non-configurable without CSS. --Lmstearn (talk) 04:57, 26 November 2013 (GMT)
Yeah, that's what MediaWiki intended, I believe. If you want it configurable, the <pre> tag works as well with the same syntax as in HTML, and there's a {{Pre}} template that's just a wrapper around the HTML tag. Robin Hood  (talk) 05:27, 26 November 2013 (GMT)

Autopatrolled UserboxEdit

Hi MortenOSlash! As you are a member of the Autopatrolled Group, I thought I'd let you know I made a userbox for you guys. Feel free to add {{User Autopatrolled}} to your page. --AKB Talk Cont Mail 16:58, 29 March 2014 (GMT)

Thanks! Nice! Already put in use! —MortenOSlash (talk) 17:05, 29 March 2014 (GMT)

Reply for commentEdit

It's fine. I just thought that it wasn't relevant to other use to put that there. Like I said I'm new so I didn't realize three tildes were different than four tildes. But now I don't have to worry about it. I'm not trying to make you feel bad about what happened. If you want to reply do it on the post on my talk page. I0brendan0 (talk) 12:31, 30 April 2014 (GMT)

Thanks. Answered back at your talk page. We can just as well keep it there if it goes on. :-) —MortenOSlash (talk) 18:05, 30 April 2014 (GMT)


I'm still learning. didn't know about the extra~ for timestamp.  Kellynne (talk) 02:05, 21 May 2014 (GMT)
Happy to be of assistance. I will follow up on your talk page, as it seems I can even have more advice. ;-) —MortenOSlash (talk) 04:23, 21 May 2014 (GMT)


In regards to this edit, it's always a matter of judgement, but I would be inclined to agree that the addition of a possible solution makes it noteworthy. Just thought I'd let you know, since your edit summary had a question mark on it. Robin Hood  (talk) 01:21, 20 August 2014 (GMT)

Much appreciated. I occasionally add such comments both to get extra attention for a second opinion and hopefully to illuminate the issue to less experience editors. —MortenOSlash (talk) 04:52, 20 August 2014 (GMT)

"A" vs. "An"Edit

Just wanted to let you know that you are correct, saying "an house" or "a hour" sounds clunky and is never used in modern American English. But apparently there was some discussion where it was decided not to place sic tags because many of the documents are written in an old English dialect (western fantasy games and all that) and because it's "not technically incorrect". For the record, I agree with you, but consensus was to not place sic tags for "an" when it should be "a", so that's what we have to go by. Just wanted to let you know. Zul se onikaanLaan tinvaak 14:10, 1 January 2015 (GMT)

I thought American English was a bit more rigid on this, and American spelling is used here, but if there is consensus I will of course not protest. —MortenOSlash (talk) 16:02, 1 January 2015 (GMT)
I just want to add, I wasn't disagreeing with you, but if it's not considered incorrect, sic tags are not appropriate. Although perhaps, "an historic" sounds alright when I say it out loud, but other than that you're right, as Thuum said. I found this site with curves on usage of "a h..." and "an h..." here, not sure if those are accurate, but it's interesting, no? ~ Dwarfmp (talk) 16:40, 1 January 2015 (GMT)
No hard feelings. I should have checked a bit more before I took action. Especially since there were native English speakers involved. By the way, I found that page myself after last edit. I guess the "h" in "historic" was so weakly pronounced in older times people found it natural to use "an"? —MortenOSlash (talk) 18:27, 1 January 2015 (GMT)


Hey, MortenOSlash! I just wanted to let you know that it's not necessary to add the unsigned template to forumlike posts or necroposts like this, since they're just going to end up getting deleted anyway. For cases like those, it's usually better to just undo the edit with an explanation than add a timestamp to it. Thanks! Zul do onikaanLaan tinvaak 15:56, 7 March 2015 (GMT)

Thanks for the notification, and I was unsure of that one. I will take more care to look into it in the future. —MortenOSlash (talk) 16:57, 7 March 2015 (GMT)
Sure thing. There are times when I see edits that I'm not sure whether to undo or allow them to remain. Whenever I'm not sure about something, I usually let someone else make a call on it, since patrollers have easy ways of identifying edits that may need to be reviewed. Thanks for your time! Zul do onikaanLaan tinvaak 18:11, 7 March 2015 (GMT)

UESP Guild North American mega-server Xbox oneEdit

HaHaHa!!! Thanks for all the items. -xAJR187x — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 15:49 on 5 October 2015 (UTC)

I am afraid you are trying to mock the wrong guild. I am playing on the EU PC/Mac megaserver. I always adore people like you, who fail when they try so hard to appear naughty. —MortenOSlash (talk) 17:52, 5 October 2015 (UTC)
Not to defend his actions, though I do understand why the anon did it. And it certainly proves a point on how you can take advantage of the guild bank feature. Is there a "guild bank" right so only trustworthy players can use the feature? If there isn't one already, it would definitely be a good thing to include in a future update. DRAGON GUARD(TALK) 19:31, 5 October 2015 (UTC)
It is possible to set guild bank access levels, and some guilds do, but most smaller guilds (and some few larger) do not. You can of course blame the liberal invitation policy, and the PC/Mac EU server guild has had some few that has raided the banks before access levels there were raised. For myself, I would have gone for at least having a registered profile on UESP to allow entry to the UESP guilds. That would reduce some risk, but then again stricter access levels seem to have solved it for the PC/Mac EU server guild. —MortenOSlash (talk) 19:47, 5 October 2015 (UTC)


Have you ever thought about applying to be a patroller? We're in need of some fully-active patrollers, and I think you'd be a good candidate. Zul do onikaanLaan tinvaak 01:16, 14 November 2015 (UTC)

Lacking more qualified applicants I may consider it, but I still have large holes in my knowledge, like not being native to English language and lacking a grasp of template syntax beyond the most basic. Further, having not played Daggerfall and Morrowind for a decade, but also not Oblivion for years leaves me with glitching memories about them.
What are the tasks? I guess there is reading something like the recent edits, but with only unpatrolled contributions, or something? —MortenOSlash (talk) 01:30, 14 November 2015 (UTC)
Well, mostly it's just reviewing recent changes and marking off edits you've patrolled. To be honest, I'm not an expert on templates either, and there are some things that I've never even done (like transcluding and page moves and whatnot). The biggest things are having a solid grasp of English grammar and our policies. I think you're doing well in both, but if you don't feel comfortable doing it, then there's no pressure to do so. It's a decision you should make for yourself, not because you feel expected to. I just wanted to put the idea out there. If you ever do need help with anything, I'm always available for questions. Zul do onikaanLaan tinvaak 01:49, 14 November 2015 (UTC)

Is something so obvious that it requires little speculation even if not directly stated?Edit

As for the key carried by Adamus Phillida, the reason beyond him having it in his inventory is blatantly obvious when you think about it. I believe that the site should pride itself on maintaining accuracy, however some things are obvious and straightforward thus require little guesswork/speculation. There is definitely a verified source in this situation to look towards - the game itself; it's all there. Omitting 'presumably' makes the sentence sound like a fact, but if you don't it is a belief. To reword the belief and sound long-winded to give more of a explanation would be something like 'One reading of Oblivion suggests that there are certain keys that only Adamus Phillida can be trusted with, but judging by his involvement with the Dark Brotherhood and the incident involving Claudius Arcadia, the latter's house key is clearly in possession of Phillida following his intervention'. WDYT? DRAGON GUARD(TALK) 19:26, 30 March 2016 (UTC)

I see your intentions. I believe you might be right. It still is nowhere stated that this is the reason, so anything indicating it is so is still purely a speculation. For all we know, it might even be unintentional, and as such a minor bug. Personally I would say the whole sentence should have been removed. —MortenOSlash (talk) 20:40, 30 March 2016 (UTC)
We could reword it to say 'It can be inferred that Phillida has a key to Arcadia's house due to his involvement with the Dark Brotherhood.' That doesn't spund too bad. Technically it wouldn't be a bug if they gave the wrong NPC the key, instead a mistake. In the archive of Jeancey's talk page, I think Legoless said speculation is fine if reasonable. DRAGON GUARD(TALK) 21:12, 30 March 2016 (UTC)
EDIT: have a gander - UESPWiki:Community_Portal/Archive_45#Speculation_and_uncertain_facts.
If you wish to have anything like that added, you should bring it up on the talk page of the Claudius Arcadia talk page, and not her on my talk page. I will bow to a consensus among the editors, but I may probably bring forth my opinion that the whole sentence could as well be removed, depending on the progress of the discussion there. —MortenOSlash (talk) 21:02, 2 April 2016 (UTC)


Thanks for the fix. Put that there for testing and forgot to take it off. I try to remember to do a "Show Changes" as well as a "Show Preview" to catch mistakes like that, but apparently I missed one or both on that one. One of the many joys of my impending senility. :P Robin Hood  (talk) 19:08, 21 April 2016 (UTC)

With my scarce knowledge on template syntax I hesitated a bit before doing it, but I made it after a couple of tests! :-) As for senility, I am chasing you closely. You have got only a year and a half headstart on me. :-D —MortenOSlash (talk) 19:42, 21 April 2016 (UTC)

Race UserboxEdit

Theoretically you could design your own. You'd have to upload the icon you wanted, and set the code up yourself. But it is plausible. Nicholas Lee Dust 02:35, 5 February 2017 (UTC)

Yes, I thought so. I guess finding something I will be satisfied with as icon will be what takes time. When it comes to the code I will do as I usually do with wiki syntax, I copy from someone who has previously done something that works. —MortenOSlash (talk) 07:46, 5 February 2017 (UTC)
Here's some code for you. {{Userbox|#FFFFFF|#848484|[[File:Lore-race-Dunmer.png|45x45px]]|info-fc=White|This user tends to choose female [[Lore:Dunmer|Dunmer]] characters.}}. That will set the colours of the box to match the Dunmer userbox you have now. Simply replace "Lore-race-Dunmer.png" with the file name of the image you want. Leave the 45x45px there to make the image the appropriate size. :) Nicholas Lee Dust 08:09, 5 February 2017 (UTC)
Thanks! That narrows it down to find an icon to represent a female dunmer. —MortenOSlash (talk) 08:40, 5 February 2017 (UTC)
I think I found what I needed already uploaded. —MortenOSlash (talk) 08:47, 5 February 2017 (UTC)
Looks good! Nicholas Lee Dust 08:50, 5 February 2017 (UTC)
Thanks! —MortenOSlash (talk) 10:27, 5 February 2017 (UTC)

A Tale Forever ToldEdit

Thanks for this edit, but had you meant to remove the collection as well, or was that an accident? Robin Hood  (talk) 21:25, 8 February 2017 (UTC)

NO! Sorry! :-(
Fixed! :-) —MortenOSlash (talk) 05:33, 9 February 2017 (UTC)


Why thank you! Timeoin (talk) 11:52, 27 September 2017 (UTC)

Bug on Skyrim:SeranaEdit

Apologies, but I've re-added the bug I previously added to the Skyrim:Serana page, as it is indeed a bug encountered during normal gameplay, and it is encountered without using console commands. Your edit summary stated it was a bug related to console commands, which seems to be a misunderstanding. The sole reference to console commands within it simply explains that it is not the following distance variable that causes the bug. It was encountered during normal gameplay on vanilla PC Skyrim without the use of console commands. 04:56, 19 November 2017 (UTC)

If it helps, I have set apart that statement as a failed bug-fix bullet point to prevent misunderstanding in the future. Thanks. 05:03, 19 November 2017 (UTC)
I did not delete the bug. I moved it to the bottom of the list, as should all new and unconfirmed bugs. I further split it into two. I only removed the part with the console command, that still seems like you are adding information about a bug that is triggered by a console command. If it is not, but a suggested solution (that does not seem to work as intended) it is not to be added into the bug description. —MortenOSlash (talk) 08:41, 19 November 2017 (UTC)

Quest-related locationsEdit

I am confused by your removal of the description edits to the locations that are involved in quests. Wasn't "(quest-related)" meant to indicate that the location is involved in a quest, whether or not it's actually accessible prior to the quest? It's especially important because when I was making a mod that edited the map markers of quest-related locations, I was relying on this exact line to quickly see which locations fall into that criteria, and I find it rather frustrating that there's apparently an inconsistency in this area. - ZuTheSkunk (talk) 14:22, 5 December 2018 (UTC)

This is what I thought as well, and I had patrolled all of your edits. Just randomly picking a page from Oblivion:Places, I come up with Mackamentain, which is fully explorable before the related quest, yet has the phrase. Based on existing use, I believe your edits were correct. —Dillonn241 (talk) 14:47, 5 December 2018 (UTC)
Sorry about that. I am not sure how it suddenly got into my head, but somehow I just got this idea that marking anything "(quest-related)" was supposed to indicate that the object, place, NPC or monster it is placed immediately after is only available or present during one or more certain quests. As such I would have expected the necromancers in Mackamentain were only present during a related quest, but of course that is not the case. I will just have to put it down to a brainfart, and I will revert my reversions immediately.
That said, even if it looks good when ending the description in listings, it can look a bit funny when it appears in the article like this. —MortenOSlash (talk) 22:09, 5 December 2018 (UTC)
I think you may have been getting confused between "(quest-related)" and "(quest-specific)", since both terms are in use here to mean slightly different things. --Enodoc (talk) 16:10, 9 December 2018 (UTC)
I've also seen at least one instance of "(quest-locked)", though I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to mean in this case. --ZuTheSkunk (talk) 17:13, 9 December 2018 (UTC)
There you are. I am quite sure now that I was thinking "(quest-specific)" when I saw "(quest-related)" edited in there, and then reversed all off the edits of the same type by the same anon IP. —MortenOSlash (talk) 16:34, 9 December 2018 (UTC)
"Quest-locked" means a location is completely inaccessible until the related quest unlocks it for you. Another example would be Skyrim's Thalmor Embassy, although we were no longer using that specific wording by then. Robin Hood  (talk) 17:02, 9 December 2018 (UTC)

Oops, thanks for fixingEdit

Sorry, yes I did forget to log in. Note to self - pay more attention(!) Gataroja (makes a fine rug) (talk) 18:02, 17 July 2019 (UTC)

No problem. I thought so. It is so easy to forget if you have been away for some time.—MortenOSlash (talk) 21:45, 17 July 2019 (UTC)
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