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About Me

Hi, my name is Dillon. I am an administrator on UESPWiki. You can contact me through my talk page, the UESP Discord server, or by email.

My main administrative responsibility is to enforce UESP's policies and guidelines. I enforce accuracy and style by patrolling edits, and I prevent harmful edits by blocking users and protecting certain pages. I help with general maintenance by deleting pages and keeping an eye on maintenance reports. I also finalize featured content proposals, post news to the main page, and settle talk page debates after consensus has been reached. It's best to reach out to all administrators on the Administrator Noticeboard.

I developed a bot called CyrusBot to assist with large-scale, repetitive editing. You can make a bot request on the Bot Requests page or ask me on Discord.

My area of focus is Morrowind, Tamriel Rebuilt, Project Tamriel, and to a lesser extent, the other main series games. I am also highly knowledgeable about Redguard, a namespace I brought up to current standards. I am well versed in template markup, wiki formatting, image editing, and copyediting.

I was introduced to The Elder Scrolls through Oblivion, and ever since then I've been tied to the games and lore. My personal interests are language learning and linguistics, reading and writing, modding and programming, cartography, accounting, and math.

  • I am learning Spanish as a second language, and have Russian and Mandarin as "eventual goals".
  • I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, particularly those by Brandon Sanderson, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George R.R. Martin. For movies, I most appreciate those by Alfred Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, and Hayao Miyazaki.
  • I have several writing projects. I've dabbled in fanfiction, but mainly I want to create my own worlds and stories.
  • The programming languages I know best are Python, Java, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript, though I can get things done with VBA and SQL.
  • See the Mods I Worked On and Maps I Created below.


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Mods I Worked On


Adds a playable version of the board game The Royal Game of Ur to Vvardenfell, with betting and practice options against a full AI. Requires assets from the mod "The Royal Game of Ur" by LordBerandas.
Makes the five minecart tracks in Vvardenfell usable and rideable. You can either give the minecart a push and watch it go, or ride in it.
A 4-part questline that lets you assist the lighthouse keeper at the Vivec Lighthouse south of Ebonheart (requires mod by MwGek).
Adds playable Nine-holes boards to Vvardenfell, with an AI to challenge you and the option to bet gold.
Adds a 2-to-4-player, fully playable card game to the world, with betting, available at several taverns and other gathering places. Uses the Telvanni suit and Morag Tong card from Tamriel_Data's Dunmer card set.
Allows your character to write books and make money publishing them.
This is a simple mod that speeds up character creation to the time it takes you to make your character.
Warns you when you enter and leave the unreleased Preview lands of Tamriel Rebuilt.
  • Tamriel Rebuilt / Project Tamriel / Tamriel Data: Have contributed interiors, quests, writing, and bug reports and plan to continue doing so. As a senior developer, made direct edits to section files to merge claims and fix bugs.


This mod adds content from Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn to the world through leveled lists, merchants, and manual placement of objects. Its purpose is to incorporate the DLC into the base game in ways that make sense, but were left out for various reasons.


Allows you to create and manage simple mods for Redguard. The unofficial patch corrects dialogue errors, fixes a few minor bugs, and restores cut content. The Sea Serpent mod enables the missing creature in the Spine.
  • Elder Kings II: Contributed map that served as the starting point in development of the mod's base map.

Maps I Created


I made the two maps below using various official maps from the Elder Scrolls series. They are based primarily on the Elder Scrolls Anthology map, along with the West Tamriel map and maps from Arena through ESO. The left map is less detailed so you can see the terrain. This map served as the starting point in development for the base map in Elder Kings II.

Tamriel (detailed)

The map below shows all locations on the map of West Tamriel in readable form. The names were determined through Redguard's loading screens and box art.

West Tamriel

Project Tamriel Rebuilt

These maps are based on The Gridmap, the guiding mapping project for Tamriel Rebuilt, Project Tamriel, Padomaic Isles, and other province mod projects. Since that map updates so often, these are already out of date.

Colorized pixelmap
Tamriel Rebuilt and the Padomaic Isles

Made Up

This map is a non-canon depiction of the island of Kevalla, located in the Eltheric Ocean between Yokuda and Tamriel. The only source for this place is the West Tamriel map, so except for the general shape the geography is entirely made up. Credit to Nirn is Flat on Discord for the idea and names.

Kevalla concept