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Joined 10 September 2011
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About MeEdit

To my surprise, I discovered some time October 2011 that I did not have a long dormant user account here, and finally registered. I have been a user of UESP since long before the site was turned into a Wiki, even as long back as before it got the domain. I do not know how early my first visits were, but even though I played TES2: Daggerfall for the first time some late 1997, I could not afford my own Internet connection before around early summer 1998. I guess I found UESP quite soon after, and I am fairly sure it was at least before the site moved to

I know I have contributed to the Wiki several times when playing TES4: Oblivion, and I think even when I was playing again TES3: Morrowind several times while waiting for the release of Oblivion. I could find no account so I guess that must have been done anonymously, even though I later believed I had registered for a user account then.

The userboxes are here to give other users some idea about who I might be, but otherwise not much to see here yet.



My contributions since I registered a user account 18:12, 9 October 2011 (GMT) can be found here:

MortenOSlash' contributions

Pre user account contributionsEdit

If I find back contributions I originally made as an anonymous user before I registered a user account, I list them here:

Bookmarks to pages I might find usefullEdit