UESPWiki:Mentor Program


The Mentor Program here at the UESP was created as a means by which experienced members may aid others with questions about contributing to the Wiki. Mentors help and advise new editors as well as anyone else who may require their assistance.

  • If you have a question, choose a mentor from the list below and leave a message on their talk page (i.e., click on the blue "talk" link and then add a message on that page; see Editing Discussion Pages if you’re new to editing). Mentors can help with questions ranging from wiki formatting to larger wiki projects.

Available MentorsEdit

  • Alarra (Talk) - I'm knowledgeable about general editing/spelling/grammar/etc. My current focus is on ESO and Legends, so if you want to get editing those pages but aren't sure how, feel free to ask! I'm also a blog admin, so if you'd like to write a post for the UESP blog, I can set you up so that you can submit a draft and we may decide to post it. I can be contacted on my talk page, PM'ed on the forum, emailed at alarra@uesp.net, or contacted on the Discord server.
  • Kiz (talk) I'm available for general editing questions, more in-depth questions about Oblivion and Skyrim. As well as more advanced Wiki-syntax and template use, as well as basic Javascript/CSS. I am more than happy to respond to questions on other subjects including Policies and Guidelines, best practice and Image Uploading. I frequent the Discord so you can find me there (@Kiz), create a post on my talk page or email me.
  • RobinHood70 (talk) - I'm the template and advanced formatting guy. There are very few templates on the wiki that I haven't edited or used at some point. I'm always happy to help out with things along those lines.

Mentor QualificationsEdit

Anyone may add their name to the above list to become a mentor; however, be aware that each new entry will be researched and existing entries are researched periodically, and all are expected to meet the standards set forth. If not met, the user’s name will be removed from this list.

Any of the following are immediate disqualifications:

  • Fewer than 200 constructive edits outside "User" and "Talk" namespaces.
  • Inactive on UESPWiki in the last three months.
  • Blocked from editing within the last three months.
  • Non-enabled email capabilities.
    • If a proposed mentor wishes to keep his or her email capabilities disabled, the only other option is for the user to have been a regular, active participant in Discord prior to the self-nomination. Only an administrator can determine if a user's Discord participation qualifies as "regular".

Any mentor may also remove an editor's name from this list provided an acceptable reason is given on the user's talk page. Some things mentors may take into consideration include, but are not limited to: frequency and severity of notices/warnings received by the user (and the user's responses), etiquette and civility displayed by the user, and familiarity with wiki formatting displayed by the user.


After adding your name to the list above as a qualified mentor, you may add the mentor userbox to your user page:

OB-icon-ingredient-Apple.png This user is a Mentor.

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