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About MeEdit

ThuumofReason, or just "Thuum". I've been on the site since late summer 2011, and I registered shortly after Skyrim came out. I started off working in the Skyrim namespace, then shifted to Daggerfall, and now I tend to edit without much of a pattern. My activity on the site is rather sporadic nowadays because of other more important commitments which cut into my free time, but I always check the wiki at least a few times a day.

I'm also a Patroller, and I've been around the proverbial block a few times, so if you're new to the site and have questions or need advice, please let me know; I'm always happy to help.

Primary Wiki ActivitiesEdit

  • Patrolling as needed
  • Maintaining the various easter eggs pages
  • Cleaning up and improving Daggerfall pages
  • Fleshing out article stubs

Slaughterfish in a BarrelEdit

A fun game you can play within Oblivion! Just follow these 5 easy steps for instant hilarity.

  1. Complete Imperial Corruption
  2. Barricade yourself within Battlehorn Castle
  3. Play the waiting game.
  4. Snipe Audens Avidius from the outer walls when he foolishly charges the gates.
  5. Awesome.