Tribunal:Special Creatures

Tribunal: Creatures


Almalexia in her temple

Description: Being one of the three living gods in Morrowind, she is acting behind the scenes and requires your help, involving you in an epilogue of the Temple history.
Quote: Effe Tei: "Almalexia is one of the gods worshipped by the Dunmer in the Tribunal Temple. She's known as the Healing Mother and Lady of Mercy, the source of compassion and sympathy, and protector of the poor and weak. She's no tender-hearted powderpuff, though. She's an important symbol of Dunmer independence to those who resent the Empire, and the Hands of Almalexia—her personal guard—enforce a strict adherence to Temple doctrines."
Found: Mournhold Temple, High Chapel
Drops: Hopesfire.
Resistant against: Almost Everything (See Below) .
Disease: -

Creature Drops Health Restore Health Resist Fire Resist Frost Resist Poison Resist Shock Resist Magicka Resist Paralyze Resist Normal Weapons Resist Common Disease Attacks Soul
(When you see her in the Temple)
Hopesfire 3000 1-5 100 50 100 50 50 100 100 100 1500
(Azura's Star)
(When you meet her in The Clockwork City)
Barilzar's Mazed Band



Description: A large artificially constructed creature, guarding the entrance of Sotha Sil's quarters. It attacks on approach, using far ranging electricity spells and engages in melee with kicks and punches.
Quote: -
Found: The Clockwork City, Dome of the Imperfect
Drops: Elixir of the Imperfect
Resistant against: Various resistances.
Disease: -

Creature Drops Health Restore Health Resist Fire Resist Frost Resist Poison Resist Shock Resist Paralyze Resist Normal Weapons Resist Common Disease Attacks Soul
(The Clockwork City,
Dome of the Imperfect
Elixir of the Imperfect 2000 1* 50 50 100 50 100 100 100 165


Rerlas Mon sells his pets
A pack rat

Description: Scrib, Rat and Pack Rat can be purchased from Rerlas Mon, a merchant who can be found outside in the Great Bazaar. The prices are non-negotiable. Up to 6 of each type of pet can be purchased, though no more than one of each at a time.
Quote: Latest rumors: "Packrats. Really. You think I'm kidding. But Rerlas Mon is selling them in the Great Bazaar. You'd be surprised how well-trained they are, and how much they can carry. Cheap, too. And in a tight spot, they're pretty good for stew."
Found: Mournhold, Great Bazaar.
Drops: See table below.
Resistant against: -
Disease: -

Creature Drops Health Price Attacks Soul
Nothing 15 20 (first 3)
25 (last 3)
  • 1-5 pts melee
  • Paralyze - Paralyze for 6 secs on Touch
23 25
  • 1-2 pts melee
Pack Rat
Whatever you gave it to carry 100
  • The scribs will follow you anywhere, and can help out by paralyzing your opponents.
  • The rats can be given simple commands to "Come" or "Stay".
  • Pack Rats, in addition, can carry up to 100 lbs. of equipment for you.
  • None of them are particularly effective in combat, as they do very little damage, and one hit from almost any creature found in the Tribunal expansion is enough to kill them.
  • Unfortunately, they cannot be brought back to Vvardenfell, where they'd be marginally more useful, as the teleportation is scripted rather than traditional transport, so you can't bring followers with you. (There are 3rd-party mods that fix this.)
  • The Pack Rat is by far the most useful, but only if you're careful about ordering it to stay back when you go into combat.
  • If a Pack Rat has any magical scrolls in their inventory, they will use them when engaged in combat.
  • Pack Rats, like any follower that lets you trade and carry your goods, aren't restricted by the container encumbrance limit, and technically serves as an infinite storage space. Sure, a pack rat carrying over 100lb can't follow you, but telling it to stay, placing a map marker and using Mark on its location (or bringing it to the High Chapel where using Barilzar's Mazed Band will immediately teleport you to when selecting Mournhold), go about your adventures, then Recall/Mazed Band back to offload your goods means you've got a critter retainer storing your goods in one space. Just make sure the rat is in a safe location away from enemies so it doesn't get killed.
  • Pack Rats have also appeared in Skyrim Creation Club and ESO.