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Dwemer Ruin:
The Clockwork City
(lore page)
# of Zones 13
Console Location Code(s)
"Sotha Sil, Central Gearworks",
"Sotha Sil, Chamber of Sohleh",
"Sotha Sil, Dome of Kasia",
"Sotha Sil, Dome of Serlyn",
"Sotha Sil, Dome of Sotha Sil",
"Sotha Sil, Dome of the Imperfect",
"Sotha Sil, Dome of Udok",
"Sotha Sil, Hall of Delirium",
"Sotha Sil, Hall of Mileitho",
"Sotha Sil, Hall of Sallaemu",
"Sotha Sil, Hall of Theuda",
"Sotha Sil, Inner Flooded Halls",
"Sotha Sil, Outer Flooded Halls"
Sotha Sil at the heart of his city

The Clockwork City is the great city of Sotha Sil, only accessible by teleportation.

It is only accessible through Tribunal's Main Quest and by using Barilzar's Mazed Band. Despite its name, the Clockwork City you experience here isn't really much of city, since it is mainly indoor tunnels half-filled with water and machines of Dwemer-inspired designs. The tunnels are also crawling with Fabricants envisioned by Sotha Sil.

When Almalexia teleports you to the Clockwork City in The Mad God, if you look behind you, you'll see a door which has been destroyed and blocked by a cave-in. This is obviously a passage that used to link the explorable area with the rest of the city.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Mad God: Find the supposedly mad Sotha Sil in his hidden Clockwork City for Almalexia.


Full map of the Clockwork City
Map of the Outer Flooded Halls
Map of the Inner Flooded Halls
Map of the Hall of Delirium
Map of the Central Gearworks
Map of the Chamber of Sohleh
Map of the Hall of Theuda
Map of the Dome of Kasia
Map of the Dome of Serlyn
Map of the Hall of Sallaemu
Map of the Dome of Udok
Map of the Hall of Mileitho
Map of the Dome of the Imperfect
Map of the Dome of Sotha Sil