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This article is about the Sovngarde hero. For the dog with the same name, see Ysgramor (dog).

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Location Hall of Valor, Sovngarde
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 50 Class Citizen
RefID 00098BD2 BaseID 00098BD1
Other Information
Health 458 Magicka 213
Stamina 214
Primary Skills Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Archery, Light Armor, One-handed, Sneak, Speech
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Essential Yes
Faction(s) FavorExcludedFaction; MQ304SovngardeHeroFaction; MQSovngardeSparringFaction; Override normal combat dialogue

Ysgramor, "the harbinger of us all", was an ancient Atmoran king who came to Tamriel before recorded history as a refugee fleeing civil war in Atmora. He is generally regarded as the first human ruler of Skyrim.

Some Elven scholars insist Ysgramor was responsible for unspecified "provocations and blasphemies" that led to the genocide known as the Night of Tears, when the human settlement Saarthal was attacked by the Snow Elves and all humans purportedly were slain except Ysgramor and his two sons, Yngol and Ylgar, though some scholars believe this attack was unprovoked. Ysgramor fled back to Atmora, gathered the legendary Five Hundred Companions, then sailed back to Hsaarik Head and drove the Elves from Skyrim and Solstheim, cementing himself as a "culture hero" of the Nords. He wielded the axe Wuuthrad in battle and rode upon a Storm Atronach Bear conjured for him by his personal Clever Man.

Since he is the first known human to transcribe Nordic speech using Elven principles of writing, Ysgramor is credited with being the first human historian. Because of his exploits, he is known as "the first Harbinger, the first Man, [and] the bringer of Words", and the modern-day Companions still revere him as their only true leader. His progeny ruled Skyrim until 1E 369, when the death of King Borgas brought an end to his direct line of known heirs. However, his bloodline survived, and he is still believed to be the wellspring from whom all Nordic kings are descended. For more information, see the lore article.

During the events of Skyrim, Ysgramor has long since died and his soul resides in Sovngarde. His legacy is purportedly carried on by the Companions, a group of nonpartisan mercenaries based in the city of Whiterun who are renowned as impartial arbiters on matters of honor. During the main quest, you travel to Sovngarde to end Alduin's reign of terror. When you first enter the Hall of Valor during the quest Ysgramor will greet you.

He greets you with "Welcome, Dragonborn! Our door has stood empty since Alduin first set his soul-snare here." This is followed by, "By Shor's command we sheathed our blades and ventured not the vale's dark mist. But three await your word to loose their fury upon the perilous foe. Gormlaith the fearless, glad-hearted in battle; Hakon the valiant, heavy-handed warrior; Felldir the Old, far-seeing and grim."

Approaching him again before completing the quest will result in either his first greeting or, "The three await your word to loose their fury upon the perilous foe." Additionally, if you have completed the Companions questline he may also say when approached, "Do not fail Kodlak. He's earned his place here, and does not deserve to fall prey to Alduin's insatiable hunger."

Ysgramor wears a full set of ancient Nord armor, except the helmet, and carries his legendary axe on his back.

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  • Even if the player has Wuuthrad, Ysgramor always has it with him as well. This suggests that it is an ethereal copy, though they are exactly the same item according to the game data.
  • Ysgramor is portrayed as a Nord, but according to lore, he is actually an Atmoran.
  • Ysgramor belongs to the citizen class, which determines the level of his skills.
  • He is slightly taller than other Nords.