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Skyrim:Snowclad Ruins

Skyrim: Places: Ruins
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Snowclad Ruins
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 10
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2SnowcladRuinsExterior01, DLC2SnowcladRuinsExterior02, DLC2SnowcladRuinsExterior03
Northwest of the Temple of Miraak
Southeast of Hrothmund's Barrow
Snowclad Ruins

Snowclad Ruins is a small outdoor Nordic ruin northwest of the Temple of Miraak and southeast of Hrothmund's Barrow, guarded by werebears.

A large pool of water in front of the ruin is fed by an aqueduct from the southwest and empties with a waterfall to the northeast.

Snowclad RuinsEdit

From Benkongerike, ascend the nearby slope to the west, then the steps passing under two stone arches on the left to the southeast. The path turns briefly south after the first arch, then southeast again after the second. Climb a final set of steps to reach the top, where you will find a third arch with a dead reaver underneath surrounded in gore, blood and bones, and a second dead reaver immediately to the left of the arch. Beyond the arch, a short set of steps descends a slope to the southeast, with a view of the ruin below ahead. To the right of the steps is a snowberry bush. Follow blood splatters down the slope until you discover another dead reaver slumped by a rock. Here, the path continues to descend to the south via another short set of steps to the edge of the pool in front of the ruins. Beware, as a werebear patrols this area, while another two werebears are near the altar ahead; they will immediately transform and attack when alerted to your presence. The path follows the edge of the pool before passing under the aqueduct.

The altar

The ruin consists of an L-shaped stone foundation, with an altar set in an alcove at its south end. There is a deer pelt on the ground to the right of the altar, a dead snow fox on the ground to the left, and a dead rabbit on top. Two treasure chests can be found here: one in the pool at the base of the waterfall dropping from the aqueduct, and another on top of the alcove holding the altar. The second can be reached by climbing the rocks to the right of the altar. Finally, there is a lootable skeleton and three apothecary's satchels (two rare, one common) just east of the ruins. If you are facing the altar, the skeleton is on the rocky ledge to your left, about 100 feet down and around the cliff face.