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The Circle is a sub-faction within the Companions. It consists of the highest ranking, and most respected, members within the guild. The members of the Circle are known among themselves to be werewolves. This closely guarded secret came to be known by the Silver Hand, a group of self-righteous werewolf hunters who openly attack the Companions. The player will join this group after contracting lycanthropy during The Silver Hand.

Based on Kodlak's Journal, a previous Harbinger called Terrfyg was the one responsible for introducing the Companions to Lycanthropy. Terrfyg originally made a pact with the Glenmoril Witches that stated if the Companions hunted in the name of their lord, Hircine, they would be granted great power. They had not believed the change to be permanent, but the Companions were deceived. Kodlak Whitemane views the beastblood as a curse, and strives to cure himself and the other members. However, Skjor and Aela the Huntress view it as a blessing and continue the tradition in secret, much to Kodlak's distaste.

Kodlak Whitemane (Harbinger)
Aela the Huntress


The following achievement can be unlocked:

  •   Blood Oath (10 points/Bronze) — Become a member of the Circle