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Skyrim:Bodies of Water

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Lake Honrich

This page lists all the named bodies of water (lakes, ponds, rivers, and seas) in Skyrim.


Lake FjaldingDB — A frozen lake near Thirsk Mead Hall. (map)DB
Lake Geir — A lake in the western Rift. (map)
Lake Honrich — A lake in the eastern Rift, immediately southwest of Riften. (map)
Lake Ilinalta — A lake in west-central Falkreath Hold. (map)
Lake Yorgrim — A lake in the eastern part of the Pale. (map)


  Clearpine Pond — A pond with a small island, located west-southwest of Solitude, just to the northeast of Pinemoon Cave. (map)
  Clearspring Tarn — A small mountain pool on the cliff overlooking Eastmarch, due east of Snapleg Cave and west of Shor's Stone. (map)
  Evergreen Grove — A grove of trees concealing a small pond fed by a rocky stream, just southwest of Half-Moon Mill. (map)
  Mara's Eye Pond — A small lake due east of Gallows Rock. (map)


Darkwater River — A river connecting Lake Geir to the White River. (map)
Harstrad RiverDB — A river in northern Solstheim. (map)DB
Iggnir RiverDB — A river in southern Solstheim. (map)DB
Isild RiverDB — A river in northern Solstheim on the Felsaad Coast. (map)DB
Karth River — A river flowing from Markarth to Solitude. (map)
River Hjaal — The main river that flows through the center of Hjaalmarch. (map)
River Yorgrim — A river flowing from Lake Yorgrim to Windhelm. (map)
Treva River — A river in the center of the Rift. (map)
White River — The longest river in Skyrim, stretching from the south of the province to the northeast corner. (map)


Sea of Ghosts — A vast ocean to the north of Skyrim. (map)