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Ayleid Ruin:
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Added by The Cause
# of Zones 2
Respawn Time 10 days
Wights, Wight Lords, Mythic Dawn Explorers, Mythic Dawn Cultists, Vigilants of Stendarr, Vigil Enforcers (if Vigil Enforcer Armor Set is installed), Norion the Undying, dead Orc Adventurer
Important Treasure
Ayleid Reliquaries, Ayleid Casks, Ayleid Urns, Welkynd Stones, Staff of Ehlno Ede, Great Welkynd Stone
Console Location Code(s)
ArcwindPointExterior09, ccBGSSSE067Rielle01, ccBGSSSE067Rielle02
The Rift
South of Arcwind Point
The interior of Rielle

Rielle is a medium-sized Ayleid ruin located beneath the Jerall Mountains, just east of the Pale Pass. It straddles the border between the Rift in Skyrim and County Bruma in Cyrodiil. In Skyrim, it is accessed from the north by way of Varlais Cavern, a cave entrance located to the south of Arcwind Point. It contains two zones: Rielle and Rielle Crypt.

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The map is the same as it was in Oblivion, but entered through a different passage this time, as the Mythic Dawn have excavated through the mountains from the north, aiming for the northwest corner of the ruin. You can reach Rielle by entering Varlais Cavern, which is south along the path from the main sarcophagus (and Word Wall) at Arcwind Point. Mythic Dawn cultists have dug through the back of Varlais Cavern in order to find the four Elemental Stones in the city, and use them to uncover a Great Welkynd Stone. The power of the great stone could reopen an Oblivion Gate and resume the Oblivion Crisis. However, their plans have been postponed by the hostile Ayleid Wights and Wight Lords who reside in Rielle; the undead have killed the Mythic Dawn’s first team, apart from one explorer who lost her life to a guillotine trap as she tried to flee. To make sure the Mythic Dawn doesn't get the Great Welkynd Stone on a second expedition and let Mehrunes Dagon in to finish what he started, you will have to obtain it first.


Janus and the other dead Mythic Dawn

Once you enter from Varlais Cavern through the hole that the Mythic Dawn Cultists have dug through the tomb wall, and explore further into the ruin, you will find the expedition leader, Janus lying dead in a large chamber. In his inventory is his journal, which will explain what the explorers are doing here and what your next objective in turn will be.

Plentiful treasure can be found in the containers throughout the ruin, in Ayleid Casks and Urns. There are two floors in the main area, with the upper level consisting of walkways and the lower level being a larger area with many sarcophagi and containers.

Rielle CryptEdit

The Great Welkynd Stone chamber within Rielle Crypt

Two doors into the crypt exist, but both place you in the southern section with a large square rising pillar and ceiling spike trap between you and the Great Welkynd Stone.

In the crypt, as you progress through the area, various gates will close behind you.

Once you reach the chamber for the four elemental shards, you will see a total of eight Welkynd Stone holders arranged in a square; one holder at each corner, and one in between each corner. The four side holders contain lootable Welkynd Stones, while the four corners are empty and can be used for the elemental shards. Double-check Janus's journal if you need to remember which shard and which element corresponds with which cardinal direction.

Once the shards are in place, they become part of the environment and cannot be removed. At the far end of the room, three pillars slide down to reveal a low passageway with a pressure plate.

As you enter this low passage, you must walk across the pressure plate to open the doorway at the other end, also blocked by sliding pillars. Once you enter the secret chamber, the Great Welkynd Stone will be directly in front of you, mounted in its holder. To avoid bugs, it is best to take the stone first and take out the enemies second.

Norion the Undying, the undead sorcerer-king who guards the stone, will burst from his sarcophagus in a rage, awakening his four Wight minions to aid him in stopping you. Beware the double effects of his staff, which will simultaneously cause shock damage and deplete your stamina as he casts Storm Walls across the floor.

Once you have defeated Norion, you may loot his ashen remains for his staff and the two Welkynd Stones he carries. Pick up anything you want to save before leaving, as gates within the crypt will close off the hallways forever once you exit the area.


Dead Orc Adventurer
  • A dead Orc Adventurer can be found in Rielle, possibly a reference to how, in Oblivion, an Orc Adventurer could be encountered within the ruin. Their corpse is at the same spawn point in Oblivion.
  • Rielle previously appeared in ESO and Oblivion.
  • The stairway and door that would lead back into Cyrodiil is present, but blocked off by a cave-in.
  • Rielle is added to Skyrim as part of The Cause Creation.
  • Similar to several other dungeons such as Wolfskull Ruins within Wolfskull Cave, Rielle itself is quest-locked (inaccessible until a certain point in The Cause quest), while the initial Varlais Cavern area is accessible at any time.
  • The dungeon ambient track "Wind from the Depths" from the Oblivion soundtrack plays while in this dungeon. It is also used in the Solitude Sewers, another creation club location added by Saints & Seducers.