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Skyrim:Grin and Bear It

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Give ten bear pelts to Temba Wide-Arm.
Quest Giver: Temba Wide-Arm
Location(s): Ivarstead
Reward: Random leveled enchanted war axe
Disposition: =1 (Temba Wide-Arm)
ID: FreeformIvarstead03
I need those pelts...

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Temba Wide-Arm.
  2. Acquire ten bear pelts.
  3. Return to Temba Wide-Arm.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Damn BearsEdit

Temba Wide-Arm really does not like bears. She is a Nord woman who has sunk all of her money into a mill in Ivarstead. Even in passing you will hear her complaining to anyone within earshot how the bears are running her business into the ground. If you stop to chat she will explain that bears are ruining the trees by scratching up the trunks, rendering them useless as lumber. She is sorely in need of help with the bear problem and offers payment if you bring her ten bear pelts, thus thinning out the bear population.

Filling the OrderEdit

Temba will accept any combination of bear pelts, cave bear pelts, or snow bear pelts; it doesn't matter to her as long as they are ursidae.

There are two bear dens in the vicinity of Ivarstead: Honeystrand Cave to the south past the river, and Pinepeak Cavern to the north near the steps leading up to High Hrothgar. There are also a number of bear pelts in Broken Oar Grotto, a cave north of Solitude. Giants frequently carry bear pelts, and you can also buy bear pelts from general goods merchants, Khajiit caravans, and hunters in the wild.

Once you bring the ten pelts to her she will be surprised that you came through for her and will reward you with a random leveled enchanted war axe.


  • If you are carrying more than ten bear pelts, she will take them all, and it seems you cannot pickpocket them back.
  • You can get the quest reward and keep the pelts by putting the bear pelts in a container immediately after you tell her that you got the pelts. Be warned however, that doing this will cause the quest to be stuck in your journal indefinitely. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Grin and Bear It (FreeformIvarstead03)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
20 (Only displayed if you don't already have 10 bear pelts)
Objective 10: Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arms [sic] (<Global=FFI03BearCount>/10)
(Displayed when you have the bear pelts)
Objective 20: Return to Temba Wide-Arms [sic]
200 Finishes quest 
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