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Skyrim:Fortify Shouts

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SR-icon-spell-Magic Hat.png Fortify Shouts
School Restoration
Type Defensive
ID 0008850d
Base Cost 5
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Amulet of Talos
Blessing of Talos
Dragon Aspect
Storm-Bear ArmorCC

Enchanting description: Time between shouts is reduced 20%.

Fortify Shouts is an effect that reduces the cooldown time between shouts. The magnitude of this effect is alternatively expressed either in percentage or in points. An effect with a magnitude of 0.2 point actually causes a 20% reduction in time between shouts. A magnitude of 0.2 reduces the ShoutRecoveryMult actor value from its base value of 1.0 to 0.8.


The following items use this effect, but none of them can be disenchanted:



  • The dragon priest mask Morokei is supposed to also have this enchantment, but due to a glitch it is never applied.
    •   The Unofficial Skyrim Patch, version 1.1, addresses this issue. It grants the standard 20% fortification to Morokei.
  • A display bug causes the effect text in-game to appear an incorrect value in some cases. Whenever an in-game display shows the 0.2 magnitude, it rounds the magnitude value, making the text say that the effect is 0% instead of 20%.