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Skyrim:Turn Undead (effect)

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SR-icon-spell-Turn Undead.png Turn Undead
School Restoration
Type Offensive
ID 0005b46b
Base Cost 0.7
Items Weapons
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Enchanting description: Undead up to level <mag> flee for <dur> seconds.

Turn Undead causes undead enemies, such as draugr, skeletons, and vampires to flee in terror. Despite being a Fear-like effect, the magnitude of Turn Undead is not affected by Aspect of Terror or Restoration Dual Casting. The maximum level is increased by Necromage.

When part of a spell or staff, the effect includes an additional "stagger" when the projectile hits an undead target, regardless of whether the target is of the correct level to be affected. This is not present on weapons enchanted with the effect. If the turn undead effect is used to enchant a weapon the weapon will deal additional damage to ghost-type undead. Some additional undead NPCs may be affected. This is noted by the turn undead enchantment effect found in the Creation Kit.


The following items use this effect. You can learn how to enchant custom items with Turn Undead if you find one of the following items and disenchant it:

  • All varieties of Blessed weapons
  • All varieties of Hallowed weapons
  • All varieties of Holy weapons
  • All varieties of Reverent weapons
  • All varieties of Sanctified weapons
  • All varieties of Virtuous weapons

Weapons that use the effect but cannot be disenchanted:

Various staves also provide a Turn Undead effect, although they all use other variants of the effect.

All bound weapons when the Oblivion Binding perk is chosen also provide a Turn Undead effect.


The following spells use the Turn Undead group of effects. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:

  • Bane of the Undead:
    • Turn Greater Undead (000ecffd; dunReachwaterRockReforgeSpell)
    • Turn Greater Undead (0008c1aa; TurnUndeadFFMassSelfArea)
  • Circle of Protection: Circle of Protection (0005312c; CircleProtectionFFSelf)
  • Repel Lesser Undead:
    • Repel Lesser Undead (0004d3f7; TurnUndeadFFAimedArea50)
    • Turn Undead Push (0004d3f9; TurnUndeadPushFFAimed)
  • Repel Undead:
    • Repel Undead (0005dd5f; TurnUndeadFFAimedArea75)
    • Turn Undead Push (0004d3f9; TurnUndeadPushFFAimed)
  • Turn Greater Undead:
    • Turn Greater Undead (0005dd5c; TurnUndeadFFAimed75)
    • Turn Undead Push (0004d3f9; TurnUndeadPushFFAimed)
  • Turn Lesser Undead:
    • Turn Lesser Undead (0004b145; TurnUndeadFFAimed25)
    • Turn Undead Push (0004d3f9; TurnUndeadPushFFAimed)
  • Turn Undead:
    • Turn Undead (0005dd5b; TurnUndeadFFAimed50)
    • Turn Undead Push (0004d3f9; TurnUndeadPushFFAimed)


  • Spell and staff versions of this effect take a somewhat longer time to charge up than regular projectile spells, such as firebolt or courage.
  • If you use the Fortify Restoration glitch, you can craft Turn Undead enchantments that can affect every undead in the game, including the powerful Dragon Priests, who are a static level 50.

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