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Skyrim:Darkfall Passage

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Darkfall Passage
Added by Dawnguard
# of Zones 1
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 18
Falmer, Chaurus, Chaurus Hunters, Vale Deer, Vale Sabre Cats
Console Location Code(s)
DLC1DarkfallPassageStart, DLC1DarkfallPassageOrigin, DLC1DarkfallPassageEndStart, DLC1DarkfallPassageWayshrine01, DLC1DarkfallPassageWayshrine02
Forgotten Vale
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
Darkfall Passage

Darkfall Passage is a small cave only accessible through Darkfall Cave serving as the only access to the Forgotten Vale. It contains only one zone, Darkfall Passage.

The cave system is split into two distinctly different areas; the first contains many Falmer and their tents in several smaller chambers, while the second consists of a single huge chamber full of Vale fauna, bioluminescent fungi, and glowing crystallized rock.

Related QuestsEdit


Darkfall PassageEdit

Passing through the portal at the end of Darkfall Cave leads to a small chamber with the remains of a wayshrine surrounded by glowing mushrooms and strange glowing pink tubular worms ("Cave Worms" per internal game data) which retract their glowing segments as you approach. The ruined wayshrine cannot take you back to Darkfall Cave; the only exit is through the next wayshrine at the end of the cave. The cave's primary light sources are the bioluminescent fungi and fauna; a light spell, torches, or night vision are therefore recommended. A passage heads north, with patches of standing water along the undulating path and a chaurus coccoonDG on the left containing a chaurus hunterDG. Use of detect life is highly recommended in this area. Farther ahead is a Falmer hive containing a skulking Falmer. On the right is a second empty hive. The passage continues, and after a couple of twists and turns leads to another occupied Falmer hive, with a second Falmer standing a short distance beyond. They are likely to attack simultaneously.

Beyond the hives and initial Falmer, a short tunnel leads to a chamber with a low ceiling, where you will encounter two chaurus. Six chaurus egg sacs in two small groups are in the chamber. Against one of the rock pillars near the middle is a lootable skeleton with a satchel containing two random potions of waterbreathing and other loot. Behind the same pillar is a flooded vertical shaft which you can swim down into, with a submerged tunnel heading east to a second flooded shaft leading to a small chamber above. This chamber features another lootable skeleton beside an elven bow and arrows, a leveled potion of healing, two random potions of resist fire, and a large coin purse. Two gleamblossom plants are also next to the skeleton. These rare plants are only found in Darkfall Passage and the Forgotten Vale, and can be harvested for use in alchemy. The skeleton also carries a note, which explains this person chose to die in this isolated chamber rather than face the cave's hostile creatures again. Returning to the previous chamber, a narrow passage flanked by glowing pink worms heads west.

The passage turns and heads north, where you will encounter a Falmer, and just beyond, a narrow passage on the right wall. Ahead along the main passage is a pillar in the middle of the passage with a claw trap on the back. A tripwire beside the pillar triggers the claw trap. The narrow passage leads back out into the main passage just beyond the trap. On the right just after the pillar is an unlocked Falmer chest. At the far end of the main passage is an unoccupied Falmer hive and an empty cocoon. The passage turns to the west, passing a table made from chitin holding a random potion of strength, two chaurus eggs, a piece of chaurus chitin, and a random poison. At the next corner are three more chaurus cocoons, all of which are empty.

The passage turns south and opens into a large chamber containing many more chaurus cocoons, most of which are empty. A ramp with railings leads up to an empty Falmer tent ahead. Off to the right, beside a rock pillar is a chaurus cocoon containing a chaurus hunter. To the west is a Falmer standing near the bottom of another ramp, which leads up to a raised area where another Falmer is patrolling. Farther west is a screen of waterfalls. On the lower level before the ramp, behind the pillar is a Falmer tent with a table holding a random potion of invisibility and three random potions of resist element. At the top of the ramp to the west, empty Falmer tents are at either end of the raised area, and a ramp leads back down on the right. At the bottom of this ramp is another occupied cocoon. A single Falmer magic-user stands inside a large tent nearby, with a smaller tent on the left. Both of these tents back onto a narrow crevice that the waterfalls are cascading into. A third tent is to the south, with an occupied Falmer hive on the right. Three gleamblossom plants grow in front of the first two tents, with the larger tent containing an unlocked chest and a table holding two pieces of chaurus chitin, and the smaller tent containing a table with a Falmer war axe on top. The tent to the south is empty, with a path passing in front of the tent and hive.

After passing the tent and hive, to the south is a dead end with a concealed door inaccessible from this side. However, if you jump down into the crevice, you will land in a flowing creek that will deposit you next to two lootable skeletons. Follow the path upwards to find another skeleton and an unlocked chest. At the end of the passage, a rope release to the left will open the concealed door in the dead end. To the north on the left side of the crevice is a path rising up past more glowing pink tubular worms and then back down into another chamber inhabited by more Falmer. This chamber includes several tents, with a Falmer to the west on a ledge. An empty tent is on the lower level, with an apprentice-trapped wooden chest surrounded by three gleamblossom plants and scattered skeletal remains. The tension cable is on the near side, and triggers a pair of claw traps hinged on the bridge above. The bridge links raised sections on either side of the chamber. To cross the bridge, pass under it and then proceed up the ramp to the right. An empty tent is on the near side, and a lootable skeleton is on the bridge. On the far side is a fenced gated compound and three occupied Falmer hives on the chamber walls. Inside the compound, in the center is a grisly statue formed with various human bones standing on some glowing blue crystallized rock and surrounded by fencing. The first tent on the right is empty, but the second tent contains a table holding a piece of chitin, a Falmer sword, a random potion of healing, magicka, or stamina, a random potion of resist element, and a random poison. To the left of the gates is an open pen filled with human bones and skulls, and the tent to the left contains an unlocked chest.

Scorpion tent with chest

To the west is a separate chamber with a large pile of the crystallized rock; stretched across the path is a string of bone chimes. Many Falmer hives are on the walls at differing heights, but none are occupied. The path first circles this chamber, passing three more gleamblossom plants among the crystal, before continuing to the south and then turning east as it starts to rise. At the top is yet another chamber with a large gated pen in the middle containing two chaurus and fifteen egg sacs. Behind the pen on a raised section to the east is a large ornate tent. In front of the tent is an area that appears to be some kind of stage, where a leveled Falmer is standing. Inside the scorpion tent is an unlocked chest, with two gleamblossom plants to the right. On either side of the tent are bridges crossing through the screen of waterfalls, over which two more Falmer will approach if alerted by any fighting.

Crossing either bridge leads back across the same crevice seen earlier, now at a higher level, to a ledge with two paths leading away to the north and east. A tripwire across the front of the east path triggers a claw trap hinged from above, beyond which is another chamber containing a large, ornate Falmer tent flanked by two occupied chaurus cocoons in front of two empty normal Falmer tents. Four more tripwires are strung around an unlocked Falmer chest near the middle of the chamber, each triggering spears from the ground. To the right of the entryway is a rope release that can be used to activate the claw trap repeatedly. Inside the large tent is a table with a built-in alchemy lab, two random potions of healing, and a random lingering poison.

Following the path heading north will eventually lead to some bone chimes hanging from the ceiling. Under the chimes is a tripwire which triggers a rockfall from above. A lootable skeleton lies just past the tripwire. The path turns east, then north again. Ahead the path splits, with the right side rising above the left. At the start of the lower path on the left is a lootable skeleton next to a satchel containing two leveled potions of healing. Just past where the two paths rejoin, the passage turns west and rises sharply. Near the top, on the left by a large rock is a lootable skeleton carrying another note, which mentions the many traps nearby and refers to the Falmer as "the cursed". An elven sword and shield and a random potion of resist fire are beside the skeleton. To the north is an obvious concealed door with a claw trap hinged above, and on the wall to the left are two rope releases. The rope on the left lowers the concealed door, while the rope on the right triggers the claw trap from above, spears from below, and poison darts from the sides.

Darkfall Passage interior

The scenery changes drastically beyond the concealed door, with unique Vale deer and Vale sabre cats instead of Falmer. As soon as you lower the door, a Vale sabre cat marked with green stripes and spots stands facing you on a flat rock in front of a pillar. The path starts on the left and curves around the pillar. In the middle of the path between two rock pillars is the first poison bloom plant, another rare plant found only here in Darkfall Passage. These plants expel a small cloud of poisonous gas when you or other creatures approach, unless you harvest them before they begin to open. The path continues descending, passing another gleamblossom plant near more glowing crystallized rock. From here the path heads northwest, passing two more gleamblossom plants beside more crystal, followed by a ledge to the right of the main path with a cluster of three poison bloom plants on top surrounding a knapsack. The main path below the ledge features another four gleamblossom plants before descending to a cloudy underground lake. Vale deer, which bear similar markings to Vale sabre cats, roam this area. At the bottom, the path crosses an earthen bridge to a rock pillar in the lake. To the left of the pillar, the main path continues south past a poison bloom plant (which may have already been opened by the nearby deer) and across another bridge over the lake. To the right of the pillar, a secondary route leads west over a short bridge and past a single gleamblossom plant by the shore, with a group of three poison bloom plants on a raised ledge to the right. To the west and throughout the cavern, the rocks form many ledges and platforms which can be navigated using simple mountain climbing techniques. There is nothing of interest in the water.

Following the path across the bridge, a poison bloom plant is found halfway across. On the far side, a Vale sabre cat den under a large overhanging rock contains a single cat guarding the bodies of two Vale deer, with a gleamblossom plant nearby. The path forms a wide bridge to the northwest to again cross the chamber below. Halfway across is a cluster of three poison bloom plants and three gleamblossom plants. To the southwest, a dim glow is visible among the darkened rocks; casting detect life will outline a Vale sabre cat. Following the path to the top, the ghost of Prelate Sidanyis stands in front of the first wayshrine, known as the Wayshrine of Illumination. He will welcome you, assume you are an initiate, and ask if you are prepared to honor the mantras of Auri-El. Once you confirm you are, he will cause the wayshrine to rise from the ground. Seven gleamblossom plants grow among the crystal around the wayshrine. On your left as you reach the top of the bridge, a path descends towards the dimly lit area seen from the halfway point. At the bottom you will encounter a Vale sabre cat, some skeletal remains with two random filled soul gems, and two gleamblossom plants. If you are here during the related quest, don't forget to draw water from the basin in the wayshrine. The portal transports you to the start of the Forgotten Vale.


  • A total of 34 gleamblossom plants can be found here, 13 of which are in the Falmer-infested chambers.
  • A total of 12 poison bloom plants can be found here, all of which are in the final chamber.


  • The poison bloom plants and Vale sabre cats won't respawn.
  • The portal to Forgotten Vale may not be apparent; it may simply resemble another wall, unlike other wayshrine portals which visibly shimmer. It may still be used by walking through the back wall of the wayshrine on the far side of the water basin.
  • Before reaching the area with the wayshrine, looking at the ground at certain angles may turn the walls invisible and show the areas outside the map, with the lighting changing from very dark to very bright.