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Redguard:Isle of N'Gasta

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The landscape of the isle
A map showing the Isle of N'Gasta and Stros M'Kai together

The Isle of N'Gasta is a small island west of Stros M'Kai and the home of the eponymous necromancer, a Sload named N'Gasta. N'Gasta's Tower is situated on an islet on the southern tip of the isle. The rest of the Isle of N'Gasta is a large graveyard, where hordes of skeletons and zombies that the necromancer has raised roam freely. It is always dark, gloomy, and raining on the Necromancer's Isle; bats fly in the sky and tentacles from some unknown creature make the surrounding waters a death trap.

The isle can only be reached via the boatman at the end of The Spine, the treacherous rocks along Stros M'Kai's western shore. You arrive inconveniently at the northeast tip of the isle. A large stone structure called the Necropolis spans the width of the isle, with a locked iron gate that blocks passage between the northeast and southwest.

For a complete walkthrough of this area, see the quest N'Gasta's Amulet. You return here again to rescue Iszara in the quest Rescue Iszara.

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