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Location Bonerock Cavern
Black Heights WayshrineDragonhold
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Zhasim and Winks have moved to Orsinium

Zhasim is a Khajiit who was raised by Wrothgarian Orcs. He can originally be found in Bonerock Cavern. He has a cat named Winks. Due to being raised by Orcs, Zhasim does not use the speech patterns commonly exhibited by Khajiit, such as referring to himself in third person (even the voice acting is the same as an Orc). If you ask about it, Zhasim will make an attempt to speak in the third person, but will admit that it feels odd to him.

During his related quest he discovers his original name was "Elzhar" and his parents, Zayshara and Azin, were Baandari traders from Mistral. They traveled to Wrothgar when he was a child, but were attacked by wild creatures on their travels. They hid in the nearest cavern, but eventually died. Zhasim survived and was adopted by the local Orcs. At the conclusion of the quest he desires to learn more about his culture and people, and relocates to Lonesome Desert Tailors in Orsinium.

For the Dragonhold DLC, Zhasim has came to Southern Elsweyr to help his uncle get his shipment of gourmet moon-sugar to market in Rimmen. But Zhasim and his guard Maezi were robbed and his cat Winks ran away. He has a living uncle in Senchal.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Riekr RevengeEdit

When first spoken to:

"Have you happened to see a small, golden cat run by? She's ever so obstinate and loves to explore.
Sometimes I think she's a better Orc than I am."
You're Avreg's brother?
"You met Avreg, did you? We look nothing alike, but he's the best brother I've ever had.
I was trying to find the other hunters when Winks decided to go exploring without me. Stupid cat isn't afraid of anything. Hey, wait a moment. Who are you?"
Orgotha asked me to find you and the rest of your hunting party.
"That's wham I'm doing! But I lost track of Zubesha and Thereg when Winks got away from me. And there are an awful lot of Riekrs in here. If you find the hunters, I'll look for Winks. Sound good to you?"
You should return to your camp.
"You want me to abandon my companions? And poor Winks? That's not how Orcs do things! That's not the Orc way!
Besides, I may have been raised by Orcs, but I'm a Khajiit, in case you haven't noticed. We're stealthy! At least, that's what I read."
How did you end up living with an Orc clan?
"The same way as any Orc—a snow bear left me near a warm forge!
I'm just fooling. An Orc hearth-wife found me wandering in the woods and took me in. She raised me and my brother like other Orc cubs. Taught us to fight and hunt and break things."
In all this time, no Khajiit has offered to take you to your homeland?
"Never met another Khajiit, but I'd like to one day. Ahem. "This one is pleased to meet you." I read they speak different. I practice when I can.
I have a book about Khajiit culture. Fascinating stuff, but my hearth-mother doesn't approve."

If you are playing a Khajiit, he will instead say the following:

"You're the first one I've—er, this one—has ever met. Did I say that right?
It would be good to learn more about the Khajiit, and I have plenty of questions. But right now, I'm more concerned about Winks and my friends"
Do you remember anything about your real family?
"Avreg and the Orcs are my real family! But if you mean about where I came from, no. I had this moon medallion when they found me. My hearth-mother says it brings me good luck, but not so much today.
You don't miss what you never had, though, right?"

Zhasim will try to use is Khajiit stealth with a little trouble at first, but then gets the hang of it and disappears into the cavern:

Zhasim: "Winks! Where did you get to you bad kitty?"
Zhasim: "Disappear!"
Zhasim: "By the First Forge, I'll never get the hang of this!"

In the large room protected by Ogres with the Old Pack, you'll meet up with Zhasim again:

Zhasim: "I'm starting to get the hang of this stealth thing. That ogre didn't even know I was there! Hey, what's this place? It's so big!"

When spoken to, he'll say:

"You look for the hunters and I'll find Winks. Deal?"
Still no sign of your cat?
"Oh, there have been signs. I even saw her briefly. A durzog was chasing her and I killed it. Well, I guess I wounded it. It slunk off in that direction.
But Winks dashed ahead again. She must be around here somewhere."
Do you think she made it deeper into the ruins?
"Possibly. Winks can slip through the smallest openings. But she could be in here somewhere. It's a big room.
If one of those Riekrs hurts my cat, they'll taste my blade."


"That Winks! I can't get that cat to stand still for even a moment!"

A Khajiit's TaleEdit

When you find the moon medallion in the pack:

Zhasim: "Find anything interesting?"
"You look like the hearth-mother whose horker roast comes out of the oven and the nose ring she thought she lost is poking out of the gravy.
So, what did you find?"
I found a medallion with two moons.
"Can I see that? Sounds like Khajiit jewelry, but it's strange that you found it in an old Orc ruin.
It's just like mine! Exactly the same! And look how the bag was placed near these odd pillars. I think it's a puzzle. I love puzzles!"
You think this was left for you to find?
"Maybe. One of my dreams is to find out where I came from. Well, and then learn that I'm part of a royal Khajiit bloodline.
I'm sure these pillars are some sort of puzzle. Must be a hint around here that will help us solve it."

Before solving the puzzle:

"What do you think? Have you figured out how to solve the puzzle? I'm still working on it myself.
There's an old Orc fable about a torch, an owl, and a hammer, but I don't remember the details."

After solving the puzzle:

"Did you see that? I saw a flash. I think there's something over there!"
"Did you see that! That coffer appeared out of nowhere! I wonder what's inside?"

After reading the scroll found inside the coffer:

"Do you think that scroll was left for me?"
It's a mother writing to her child.
"Let me see that. Zayshara! My mother's name was Zayshara! And my sire was Azin. I didn't remember that.
The hearth-mother said that a hunting party found me wandering in a snowstorm, too cold to even cry. They took me back to the stronghold."
They saved your life.
"They did. They've always been good to me. The hearth-mother. My brother Avreg, Osgotha, and others. I'm an Orc, even if I don't look like one.
But … maybe my parents were rescued! Let's look for more clues. Maybe my Khajiit family is still alive!"

He starts running deeper into the ruins after you exit the conversation.

Zhasim: "They must've gone deeper into the ruins! Follow me!"

When entering the deeper parts of the ruins:

Zhasim: "There's a dagger here with two moons on the hilt. I'm sure it's another sign!"
Zhasim: "A riddle. She's playing with her child. Let's search this chamber."

Speak to him.

"My mother … I think she made these puzzles so that her child … so that I … could find her.
Come on, let's figure this one out."
What do you think the riddle means?
"It's meant to be simple, isn't it? To entertain a child? Let's look around the room and see what's here."
Zhasim: "There are tombs, tables, altars, carvings and other things in this room. Must be one of those."

After solving the riddle:

Zhasim: "Another coffer! She hid them with simple spells. I think I remember playing this game when I was very young."

If you speak to him here, he'll say:

"Hurry! See if my mother hid another note in that coffer."

After reading the note:

"Do you think they remained in these ruins, looking for me?"
Your mother believed you'd find your way back to her.
"It took a while, but I guess I did.
It happened so long ago. I don't really remember her or my people. Not sure how I feel about all this, but I need to find Winks. Maybe my mother left something else for me. I'll keep my eyes open as I look around."

Zhasim runs off.

Zhasim: "I'll look around for more puzzles. And my cat. She's around here somewhere, I just know it."

Zhasim will attempt to disappear again:

Zhasim: "Oh! I forgot. Disappear!"
<His trick fails.>
Zhasim: "Damn it!"

After entering the next room:

Zhasim: "Another note. Maybe it's another riddle?"

If you speak to him after entering the room:

"I think that's one of my mother's notes. You look at it, all right?"

After reading the note:

Zhasim: "Look, that vase. Do you think that's a smiling moon?"

If you speak to him after reading the note, he says:

"Zayshara must've kept hoping her son … that I … would return ….
No crying! Orcs don't cry. Look, I think there's a moon on that vase."

After completing the vase puzzle:

Zhasim: "Another coffer! She hid them with simple spells. I think I remember playing this game when I was very young."

You can speak to him before opening the coffer.

"Please, you need to check the coffer. My hands are shaking too much."

After reading the note:

"How can my heart hurt so much for someone I never knew?"
It sounds like your mother loved you very much.
"I think you're right. Making these puzzles seemed to give her some small amount of hope in a difficult situation.
I still need to find my cat. I'll scout ahead and see if my mother left anything else for me."

Zhasim will once again fade as he leaves:

Zhasim: "Disappear!"
Zhasim's mother

You'll need to speak with Zhasim after you enter the room with a Khajiit skeleton in it.

"I think … I think I found my mother.
I was a fool to think my family might still be alive. There are other Khajiit skeletons in here."
I'm sorry, Zhasim.
"I didn't think it would hurt this much. She left those silly notes and puzzles. For me. She loved her son. She loved … me.
I'm Zhasim, but I'm also Elzhar. Sounds kind of funny to my … to this one's … ears."
Now that you know the truth, will you abandon your Orc clan?
"No, not completely. They're my family, too, you know.
My mother said that I have trade and travel in my blood. I might go to Orsinium. Apprentice myself to a merchant for awhile. See how that feels."
It's good to know where you came from.
"Yes, it is, isn't it? Maybe I'll contact someone in Mistral. Ask about Zayshara and Azin. I'd like to learn more about them.
I'm going to stay here a while longer. Pay my respects, you know? Then I really have to go find my cat."


Zhasim: "Farewell, mother."
Zhasim: "Don't worry about me. Find the missing hunters and the riekr totem. I've got the stealth thing working fine now."
Zhasim: "May Jone and Jade shelter you, mother. And may Malacath guide your way."

Winks will then run out from behind a pillar:

Zhasim: "Winks! Where did you run off to, you naughty little cat? Well, I'm glad you're back!"

Outside with his Orc family, he'll say:

"Thanks again for helping me in there. It's good to finally know where I came from.
If you're ever in Orsinium, look for me. I'm going to apprentice myself to whatever merchant will have me."

missing dialogue from Lonesome Desert Tailors

Another Khajiit's TaleDragonholdEdit

A sad Zhasim in Southern Elsweyr

While traveling along the road towards Black Heights from the wayshrine, you'll hear:

Zhasim: "What am I going to tell my uncle? His moon-sugar, his guard, even my cat! All lost!"

If you've helped Zhasim in the Wrothgar, he'll greet you with:

"Is that really you? My friend from Wrothgar? It is you! Something has finally gone right in this hot and sandy land.
I lost my uncle's goods, my guard … I even lost my cat! Mother was right. I never should have come here."

If this is your first meeting, he'll say instead:

"Mother told me this was a bad idea, but did I listen? No. I had to come and see the place my Khajiiti family came from.
And could things go any worse? I lost my uncle's goods, the guard he sent with me. I even lost my cat!"

Either way, you'll say:

It sounds like you had a run of bad luck.
"You don't know the half of it! For a Khajiit raised by Orcs in Wrothgar, I always hoped to visit the land of my natural parents. But was I welcomed? No! I was robbed!
My uncle trusted me. I was going to prove myself. Instead, I'm just a failure."
Slow down and tell me what happened.
"We were taking my uncle's gourmet moon-sugar to the market in Rimmen. We had just set up camp for the night when we were attacked. My cat, Winks, ran away. My guard, Maezi, chased after the thieves ….
I love—I mean, I'm worried about them."
Why don't you show me where this occurred.
"Our camp isn't far from here. Just over that rise and across the river.
I looked, but I'm terrible at finding clues. Maybe you'll have better luck figuring out where the thieves went after they took my uncle's gourmet moon-sugar."
Tell me more about your uncle and his gourmet moon-sugar.
"I worked up the courage to write to my Khajiiti family. My Uncle Hizhikar answered. I said I was the best Khajiit trader in Wrothgar and he invited me to help with the family business.
I lied. But even I could see the quality of his moon-sugar!"
What can you tell me about your cat, Winks?
"Winks? Oh, she's a great cat! Curious, adventurous, brave … except today, for some reason.
She ran off at the first sign of trouble and I haven't seen her since. I hope she's all right."
You said your guard chased after the thieves?
"That would be Maezi. She works for my uncle. Best caravan guard in the business, that's what Uncle Hizhikar said. And I believe him! Maezi is fantastic!
She's smart, funny, brave. She fought like an Orc. Even chased after the thieves when they ran."

If you helped him out in Wrothgar:

I thought you were going to apprentice to a merchant in Orsinium?
"And I did, too. For a little while. Then I received a response to my letter and my uncle invited me to Southern Elsweyr.
I may have exaggerated my level of experience, which is why Uncle Hizhikar trusted me with his precious cargo."

If this is the first meeting:

So how did a Khajiit from Elsweyr wind up raised by Orcs in Wrothgar?
"I don't really remember. I was very young. My Khajiiti parents were merchants heading to Orsinium when something happened.
My parents died and I was lost in the wilderness … until my Orc mother found me. Raised me to be a proper Orc, too!"

Head southeast to the abandoned camp and Zhasim will remark:

Zhasim : "This is where it happened."
Zhasim : "One moment I was spending a nice evening with Maezi and Winks, the next those tuskless bastards were upon us."
"This is where it happened. They came out of nowhere. I remember getting hit and knocked to the ground. When I recovered, Winks was gone. But I heard Maezi shouting. She was chasing after those tuskless thieves."
How many thieves attacked your camp?
"I want to say three, but it was dark and they came at us so fast. Had to be at least three to haul away my uncle's gourmet moon-sugar. There could have been more.
I hope for Maezi's sake it was only three, though."
What makes your uncle's moon-sugar gourmet?
"I'm not an expert. I don't even like the stuff! But the purity of my uncle's moon-sugar … well, it practically glows! He also adds herbs grown in the same fields to give it something extra.
Anyway, look around and see if anything stands out."
I'll search the camp for clues.
"I really hope Maezi and Winks are all right. Knowing Maezi, she's probably more worried about me. And I don't blame her.
I'm so out of my element here."

Search the camp for clues and he'll comment on your findings:

Zhasim : "You found my dagger! My brother, Avreg, gave it to me before I left Wrothgar."

Examine an abandoned sack and he'll say:

Zhasim : "Looks like they dropped one of the sacks. So, not a total loss …."

Examine some shrubs and he'll exclaim:

Zhasim : "That sound … did you hear that?"
Zhasim : "Winks!"
Winks : "<purr meow>"
Zhasim : "What is it, Winks? What are you trying to tell us?"
Winks : "<Meow meow>"
Zhasim : "Winks, can you take us to Maezi?"
Zhasim : "Look at Winks go! Follow that cat!"

Follow Winks and he'll lead you to an overlook to the east:

Zhasim : "Smugglers! You did it, Winks! Good kitty!"
"I knew Winks could do it! I asked her to find Maezi and she led us right to this spot!"
That looks like a smuggler camp. You really think Maezi is down there?
"Winks has never failed me before. She's an expert tracker, you know. My brother, Avreg, would use her to find me when I got turned around on a hunt ….
I want to rush down there and rescue Maezi, but I'd probably just make matters worse."
I can go down there and try to find Maezi.
"I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it. Besides, I'm still feeling a little discombobulated from the attack.
I'm going to take Winks and find a place to hide. We'll meet up with you when Maezi is safe and sound."
"Maezi will be all right. She has to be. She's strong and brave …. She's the best thing about my otherwise disastrous time in Elsweyr."

Rescue Maezi and Zhasim and Winks will join you:

Zhasim : "Maezi! Winks and I were so worried! I see you met our friend."
Maezi : "This one is pleased to see you as well, Zhasim. While your friend finds the stolen moon-sugar, we must hurry to Senchal!"

Speak to him and he'll say:

"I owe you a great debt for saving Maezi and finding Winks. Thank you so much, my friend.
But what was that about Senchal and the stolen moon-sugar? Is there still a chance to recover my uncle's goods?"
The smugglers split the moon-sugar into three portions. Maezi and you will track the one in Senchal.
"That accounts for one of the portions. What about the other two? My uncle could be ruined if he lost two-thirds of his harvest!"
I agreed to look for the other two portions of the stolen moon-sugar.
"Then I owe you even more, friend.
While my time here has been one disaster after another, I think I want to stay in Elsweyr and learn the family business. But if I lose the moon-sugar, my uncle will disown me and send me back to Wrothgar."
You're willing to abandon your Orc family for a life in Elsweyr?
"Don't be silly! I can visit them and write to them whenever I like! But this is a chance to get to know my Khajiit mother's family. To learn what it means to be Khajiit.
And Maezi … well, she's really quite something, isn't she?"
You have feelings for Maezi? Have you told her? Maybe she feels the same about you.
"I can't imagine that's true. She's so confident, so full of fire and steel. We're nothing alike.
No, I think I'll keep those particular thoughts just between us, if you don't mind."

Find the missing cargo and meet up with Zhasim and Maezi in Senchal. Approach and you'll hear her tell Zhasim:

Maezi: "What a good idea, Zhasim! If we sell to merchants here in Senchal, we can turn a much faster profit for your uncle."

Speak to Zhasim and he'll say:

"Oh, friend, we were so worried! You were gone so long and we haven't been able to find the smuggler or the moon-sugar bound for Senchal.
Please tell me you had better luck. Even if you didn't, tell me anyway. I need some good news right now."
I recovered the gourmet moon-sugar from the two drop points.
"Seriously? You aren't pulling my tusk, are you? No, of course not. Well, that is good news.
Now if only we knew where to find the last portion of the stolen moon-sugar."
This note may help us with that.
"Let me see that …. Oh, this is terrible! If the smugglers go through with this plan, they'll ruin my uncle's reputation! No one will ever buy his gourmet moon-sugar again!
Oh, friend, could you go across the bay and recover the last of our cargo?"
I'll retrieve the last of the gourmet moon-sugar.
"If you can recover the last of the gourmet moon-sugar, I have a plan that I think will impress my uncle and show him I am good for the family business."
Tell me about this plan of yours, Zhasim.
"Well, once we recover the gourmet moon-sugar, instead of incurring the expense of traveling all the way to Rimmen, we sell the cargo here.
Maezi thinks it's a good plan. We may not get as much as in the big city, but we'll earn a fair price."
That's a good idea. Do you know who you're going to sell it to?
"Not yet. My uncle gave me a contact in Rimmen, but I don't know anyone here in Senchal. Luckily, Maezi has made plenty of runs for my uncle. She thinks she can introduce me to the right merchants here in town."
Zhasim in Senchal

Recover the last of the moon sugar and return to Zhasim in Senchal outside Mero Dobellis' House, you'll find him in negotiations with some merchants:

Zhasim: "My … er, this one's uncle will finalize the ongoing contract. This exclusive arrangement for our gourmet moon-sugar will benefit us all."
Fahirri: "This one is pleased! We look forward to being the only distributor of your gourmet moon-sugar in all of Pellitine!"
Maezi: "You did it, Zhasim!"
"Look at that! I actually negotiated a profitable contract for my uncle!
But what of you, my friend? Were you able to secure the last of the stolen moon-sugar?"
Here's the rest of the gourmet moon-sugar.
"What an eventful day! I lost my cat, my uncle's moon-sugar … even my, er, guard. But thanks to you, everyone is safe and sound. And we even made a deal for my uncle's gourmet moon-sugar.
What began as a nightmare has become a dream come true!"
So will you stay here in Elsweyr?
"I think I'm a child of two places—Wrothgar and Elsweyr. I don't think I can be truly happy staying in just one of them. But I've got another idea …."
So what's next for Zhasim and Winks?
"Zhasim and Winks are going to become the traders they always knew they could be. I'm going to ask my uncle to let Maezi and me open a trade route between Orsinium and Senchal! If Maezi is willing, of course.
Here, friend. For all your help. Thanks!"

Once you're businees with Zhasim is complete, Hizhikar will show up:

Hizhikar: "Nephew! This one came as soon as he got the message from Maezi."
Zhasim: "Uncle, we sold your moon-sugar and negotiated an exclusive trade agreement!"
Hizhikar: "This one sent you to Rimmen and you wind up in Senchal expanding our business? Hizhikar is impressed!"
Zhasim: "Uncle, I want to talk to you about another opportunity …."
Hizhikar: "You did well, Zhasim. This one wants to hear all about your ideas for the business."

If you speak to him again, he'll say his original greeting when you met him outside Black Heights. But you'll be able ask him:

Do you think you can actually establish a trade route between here and Wrothgar?
"With Maezi and Winks at my side, I think I can do anything! She really is quite amazing!"
It will be good to have a personal caravan guard along for the help.
"Well, I'm hoping she'll agree to something a little more permanent. I want her to see where I grew up. Meet my hearth mother and my Orc brother. Then ….
Well, then we'll see."